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Added description to Fighter's History · March 28th, 2005

Fighter's History is a traditional 2D fighter along the lines of the Street Fighter series. The player can choose between 9 different characters to play as: Ray, Feilin, Ryoko, Matlok, Samchay, Lee, Mizoguchi, Jean and Marstorius. Two hidden characters, Clown and Karnov, the bosses of the game, are also playable. Each of the fighters have a number of unique moves, once again, fashioned in the image of Street Fighter II.

There are three different gameplay modes are available. CPU Battle is the traditional arcade mode, where the player select a character and try to complete the game by beating all of the other fighters. In survival mode, the player select a team of five characters to go up against another team. And finally versus mode, where the player can go up against his friends.

Added description to Wayne's World · October 8th, 2004

"Wayne's World, Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent! Woo, woo, woo!"

It's Friday, it's 10:30 and like usual, Wayne and Garth are presenting their TV show. First they start off by reading a top-10 list of the worst games they recently played at the arcade. Then Wayne accounts on how he and Garth were suddenly sucked into a video game, and Garth was kidnapped by the mysterious Zantar. "Weeuuu, weeuuu, weeuuu!" FLASHBACK, and now you're suddenly in control of Wayne as he must embark upon a quest to save his good pal Garth.

Not to be confused with the DOS license, this Wayne's World is a platform- style game. You must jump, fight and rock your way through 4 different levels which include Kramer's Music Store, Stan Mikita's Donut Store, Gas Works and Surburbia. Using Wayne's guitar as your sonic weapon, it's most excellent noise will bring death to various enemies. Will you save Garth from the evil purple clutches of Zantar? SCHWING!