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About Me

So, what to say about myself ?

Well, it might be obvious if you take a look at my favorite games, but I'm gonna say it anyways : I am mostly fond of role-playing game. Even though each character I create is doomed to be weaker than any monster in the game :p Also, mention to Adventure games, FPS and some strategic ones.

I really really don't like : sports games in general (with a few exceptions maybe...), Hack'n'slash (boooooring...), MMORPG (they're all the same, and right now, they're more Hack'n'slash than RPG...).

Oh, and actually, I'm the main French Translator of the Ultima 6 Project. (check the team's site : http://www.u6project.com/ )

Thanks for reading so far, even if it was not really exciting :)