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Olivier Masse @omasse

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About Me:
  • Played games on my PC as an average teen gamer from 1986 (8088/CGA/Tweeter) to 1994 (386DX-40/VGA/GUS). I was also in the demoscene until 1996 as a musician. It was downhill afterwards and I don't play games much now.

  • I stay away of any game with a high learning curve. I don't have the time nor the patience.

  • My older son's favorite games are Midtown Madness 3 (xbox) and Microsoft Train Simulator (PC).

  • My best all-time game, i.e. the one with which I played the most time in my life, is Doom 1. I played so much that I now despise most first person shooters, except milestones such as Halo and RE4.

  • I prefer consoles over PCs for gaming since they are cheap, they don't require constant video card upgrades and they have a fairly long lifespan. I own a NES, a N64, an Xbox and a Wii (and they all still work!!)

  • I removed my home page address since people kept bugging me to send them bootleg copies of Life & Death in the early days of Mobygames.

  • At work I administer mission-critical HP-UX systems. On an exotic platform like this, nethack is the only game in town.