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Added description to NHL 07 · January 18th, 2008

EA Sports' 2007 installment of their NHL Hockey franchise refreshes all of the existing NHL team rosters and schedules and adds the Czech Elite League teams to the European Elite League rosters.

Player modeling has been improved and features new life-like player specific moves and styles. Additional enhancements to the analog stick controls have also been made, making players easier than ever to control, while still mainting the realism of true hockey.

Other features returning from previous editions include GM Mode, single game and season play, Dynasty mode and online play.

Added description to Sid Meier Triple Game Pack · March 18th, 2007

This compilation contains 3 Sid Meier games including: Covert Action, Pirates! and Railroad Tycoon.

Added description to Pyst (Special Edition) · March 13th, 2007

The Special Edition of Pyst supports Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Macintosh platforms on one disc. Next to the original game it contains sneak peek samplers of three Parroty titles then in development:

Added description to PBA Bowling · March 13th, 2007

This is the first in a series of Bowling games for the PC sanctioned by the Professional Bowlers Association.

Game selections include: individual, practice, team and league style games. Players begin by selecting their bowler from one of the fully digitized male and female characters available. Adjustments can be made to whether they are left or right handed, the colour of clothes and skill level (beginner, intermediate or pro). The main game screen shows the bowler on the approach and uses several smaller windows to give a fine tune control over aiming, power and spin control. As with many bowling games, a close-up of the ball striking the pins is shown.

The game is able to be played alone or supports up to 4 players total.

Added description to Outlaw Tennis · March 11th, 2007

The Outlaw gang is back, this time to take on the world of Tennis. The game features all your favorite characters from the previous Outlaw games and adds a few new ones for a total of 16 playable characters. Like the other Outlaw games, there are a number of unlock-able items including new characters, racquets, balls, courts and mini-games and a hard rock soundtrack.

The game follows the traditional rules of tennis and adds the unique humor and special features common to the series including player fights, exploding balls, changing weather, character improvements, outfits and other accessories.

There are 6 game modes including: Exhibition, Tour (50 Tour Matches - Singles, Doubles & Canadian Doubles mixed), Random Play, Drills and Network play. Special matches include Classic, Hot Potato, Casino, Baseball, Football, Pinball and Ping Pong which are similar in nature to the other games in the series.

Added description to Omar Sharif on Bridge · March 11th, 2007

This Bridge game has a built-in tutorial mode which makes it easy for novice players to start enjoying the game right away. Omar Sharif himself will guide you through the rules, and the sample hands show you the best bid or play to make in a variety of situations.

For the more experienced player, you can dive right in and start playing on your own, but Omar is only a mouse click away should you need some advice at any point in the game.

Added description to MX Superfly Featuring Ricky Carmichael · March 10th, 2007

Following the success of MX 2002, THQ is back with an all new Supercross game. MX Superfly offers 27 different pro riders, including top MX rider Ricky Carmichael and a variety of bikes you can use to customize the game action.

There are 22 tracks, an assortment of freestyle arenas and a few mini games giving you lots of places to experiment with tricks and all out racing. The game offers exhibition race, freestyle and career modes. There are a number of unlockable items including new riders, bikes, tracks and mini-games.

New in this edition is the track editor which allows you to create your own stunt tracks. The graphics are well done and the soundtrack is above par for this genre of game.

Added description to Max Pak · March 5th, 2007

The games included are:

All game manuals, off-disk copy protection and accessories included with the individual releases of each game is also included in the box.

Added description to Links LS: 1998 Edition · March 4th, 2007

Links LS 1998 Edition is the first game in the Links series to run in native Windows 95 mode. "Look ahead" rendering sees the game predict where your next shot will be from, reducing redraw times. There are two new offline tournaments for a total of six, and an internet play mode. Perhaps in response to Tiger Woods' success at the time, a black-skinned golfer is added to this version. You now view other golfers on the main play screen, and the action is tracked by 8 smart cameras. New visual enhancements include water reflections, waving flags, blimps, balloons, airplanes and environmental haze and fog.

The standard 3-click swing is still used in this version, as well as the fine-tune adjustments for swing style, draw/fade, chip, lob, bump & run and of course, load up that driver and let 'er rip. There are now 6 modes of play including Scramble, Alternate Shot, Match Play, Best Ball, Skins and Stroke. In addition to the Kapalua Village, Plantation and Bay courses in previous versions, the 1998 Edition also adds Arnold Palmer's favourite course, Latrobe Country Club (and can run courses from previous versions). Palmer also provides multimedia features.

Added description to The Hustle: Detroit Streets · February 25th, 2007

The Hustle: Detroit Streets takes you through the pool halls and clubs of Detroit, as you prove yourself against the masters of the game. Take on the role of either Jack Stone or Kat Hudson as they make their way to the top of the pool circuit through two different game modes. Players hone their pool skills in their quest for respect and cash, alone or in tough AI competition.

Once you've mastered the AI, you can hook up your network adapter and play against up to 9 friends, or take it online and challenge players around the world.

The game features over 180 different pool sharks, 200 variations on the game of pool, trick shots, 9 unique venues, character customization and a bevy of non-player characters.

Added description to Hoyle Poker · February 25th, 2007

Although Sierra tried its hand (no pun intended) at other card games, this is their first foray into the world of poker. The game offers all the excitement of a real poker game mixed with Sierra's unique brand of humour.

The game offers a total of 20 variations on popular poker games including: Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, High Chicago, Cincinnati, Baseball, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, Jacks or Better, Criss Cross, Dealers Choice, 5 Card Draw and 5 Card Draw Lo-ball.

In single-player offline mode, you can select up to 7 opponents to play against, each with their own personality, playing style and skill level. The animated AI characters are well done and if you study them carefully, you can figure out each player's tell, which gives away the fact that they have a good hand. The Attitude Meter adjusts the speed of the game; setting it higher results in more animation and comments from the AI players, whereas setting it lower, keeps them quiet and offers a faster pace game. You start with a bankroll of $1,000 in case with another $9,000 in your bank account which you can access via an ATM (it also has a personality of it's own).

Once you've mastered the game (or become tired of the AI players), check out the on-line play mode and see how your skills match up with real players from around the world.

Added description to Golf Resort Tycoon II · February 25th, 2007

In this sequel to Golf Resort Tycoon you take on the challenge of designing your own resort. You must design and build your golf course and all the amenities that make a perfect resort. Make sure your greens keepers are properly maintaining the course and watch out for those pesky gophers.

This new version resolves many of the bugs and annoyances that hampered the original game and includes a time accelerator to speed things up. The ability to grab a set of clubs and actually play the couse you design has also been added.

In design mode, the game offers all the building tools you'd expect for modifying the landscape, raising/lowering terrain, creating ponds, lakes and other water hazzards, adding sand bunkers, trees, structures, buildings and various famous landmarks.

In 3D play mode, the game offers a 1st-person perspective typical of most golf games and uses a standard 3-click control to determine distance, accuracy and power. You can customize the golfer you play with, choose to play alone or against an assortment of computer controlled players with varying skill sets. You must select the appropriate club for the current shot, so a little golf knowledge will come in handy.

If you're looking for a true golf sim, this isn't your game, but if you want to take a break from the challenge of the game's main focus, that being to build the ultimate golf resort, and have a little fun, the 3D play mode is acceptable.

Added description to True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club · February 20th, 2007

Grab your clubs and head for the first tee. This golf sim recreates the world-famous Hawaiian Waialae Golf Course, noted for lots of bunkers and very fast greens. You can choose your golfer, assign him a caddy, pick your set of clubs and adjust the power, putting, technical, recovery, and wind game stats to suit your personal preference. The game offers a practice training mode, a tournament mode, and the ability to challenge your friends in a stroke match. Oddly, this game was not sanctioned by the PGA and assumes that the golfer is always male.

Added description to Victory · February 15th, 2007

In Victory, use your Coleco Roller Controller to rotate your ship as the space around you scrolls by, smack your fire button to take out anything that moves and snag a power-up or two along the way to aid in your quest. Similar in style to Asteroids, but with a moving background.

Added description to Slither · February 15th, 2007

Slither is similar in nature to the hit arcade game Centipede by Atari. You control your snake as it slither's around the screen. Where this game differs greatly from Centipede is that you can shoot in 4 different directions at the same time to take out the baddies trying to hunt you down. The bad snakes hunting you down will appear from various angles on the screen, often several at a time. The game was bundled with Coleco's Roller Controller and can't be played without it.

Added description to Super Action Football · February 14th, 2007

Another game in the Super Action series that makes use of Coleco's Super Action Controllers. Play against the computer or go head-to-head with a friend over 4 quarters of football action. Step back and throw the long bomb to your wide receiver dancing in the end zone, kick the field goal, or lay down a bone-crunching tackle as you control one of 3 offensive or 3 defensive players. What victory dance will you do as you dive across the goal line in the final seconds of the game?

Added description to Rocky Super Action Boxing · February 13th, 2007

Coleco's foray into the boxing realm is based on the 1982 film Rocky III. Players have the option of playing as either Rocky Balboa or Clubber Lang as one battles the opponent in 10 rounds of boxing action.

The game utilizes Coleco's Super Action Controller letting players use the buttons to throw various punches and blocks, while using the joystick to move around the ring. The computer opponent can be set at 4 different skill levels, or play head-to-head with a second player. The winner of a match does a victory strut to Eye Of The Tiger, the theme song from the movie.

Added description to Ken Uston BlackJack/Poker · February 12th, 2007

Feeling Lucky? Pull up a chair and play a few hands of Blackjack or Poker. Minimum bet is $1 and maximum is $499 at the BlackJack table, whereas over on the 5-Card Stud Poker table the sky is the limit. Up to 4 people can play simultaneously, or if you're a little shy you can always go one-on-one with the dealer. Speaking of which, don't forget to give Max, your dealer, a nice tip, or you never know what kind of cards he'll deal out in your next hand.

Added description to Zoom! · February 10th, 2007

Zoom! is an arcade style puzzle game. Your character Zoomer (a Pacman lookalike with arms & legs) must trace the outline of the squares on the game board to light them up. Points are awarded when full squares are formed, although the game also displays how many lines must still be completed. You proceed to the next level when all the squares have been lit up. There are various monsters that will try to hunt you down - contact with these costs you energy and eventually a life. There are also a number of power-ups that will aid your quest - quick filling of tiles surrounding the bonus piece, a level skip and bonus points, for example.

Added description to Rock Challenge · February 9th, 2007

Play alone or challenge up to 3 of your friends in this Rock Trivia game. The game screen is laid out much like a Jeopardy board and players take turns at clicking on a square to reveal a multiple choice question. Get it right and you gain points, get it wrong and it's the next players turn. The game ends when at least 3 of the 4 questions in each category have been answered correctly. The questions revolve around Rock music and cover the 1950's-1980's. He who finishes with the most points wins.

Added description to Fright Night · February 4th, 2007

Fright Night is based on the 1985 Columbia Pictures movie of the same name. You play vampire Jerry Dandridge in this arcade-style action game. You prowl the rooms of the mansion searching for victims. You have to dodge the Crucifixes thrown at you and sink your teeth into anything that looks tasty. Once you've drained the blood of all your victims, you can proceed to the next level. Keep an eye out for the unhealthy as they will drain your lifeforce; too much bad blood and you're a dead vampire. You can run back to your coffin if you're low on health to regenerate, as well, you must be back in your coffin before the sun comes up, or you're a toasty vampire.

Added description to Fortress Underground · February 4th, 2007

A hostile power station has been discovered in a huge underground cavern. Your mission is to destroy it. Your battle chopper is equiped with a cannon and a limited supply of fuel. As you navigate the maze-like cavern avoid the bad guys shooting at you and head for the nearest way-point where you can rest for a minute, save your game and refuel your helicopter.

Added description to BlackJack Academy · February 2nd, 2007

This Blackjack game allows from 1 to 5 players and uses pre-defined rules from Las Vegas, Downtown Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City. There is also a custom mode where you can define your own rules. Minimum and maximum bets are customizable as are the number of decks to be used. The game includes a hint mode for the novice player that will tell you the optimal play at any given moment and also includes an optimal play chart you can take with you when you're ready to hit the real casinos.

Added description to PQ: The Party Quiz Game · January 29th, 2007

Up to four players or teams can compete in this 2,500-question trivia game. The box includes four hand-held quick response controllers attached to four-foot cables; there is no need for players to crowd around one keyboard. You can choose the length of the game, the number of players (one to four), and the time allowed to answer a question. You can also handicap advanced players.

Media for Commodore 64 and Apple II/Atari 8-Bit computers is included in the one box.

Questions comprise of general knowledge, history, music, math pop culture and American television.

Additional Question Disks Sold Seperately Include:

General Edition 2

Entertainment Edition 1

Sports Edition 1

Added description to Titanic: The Recovery Mission · January 29th, 2007

You're the president of the Titanic Salvage Company and it's your job to recover any artifacts you can find from the wreck of the H.M.S. Titanic and ultimately raise the ship to the surface.

The game combines both above and below water aspects. Above the water, you must manage the company, press conferences and finances. Below the water, you explore the Titanic and her many secrets by navigating T.S.1 (your underwater robot) through a maze-like environment while trying to find a way to raise the ship to the surface. You must find eight flotation bags in order to raise the vessel.

Along the way, you'll find several hidden items that combine to create yet another item, many of which are required to open locked doors, safes and other hidden compartments.

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