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About Me:

I have been playing good computers games very often since 1998, although I am used with them since I was a child. I'm just passionated about computers games. My favorite genres are strategy, adventure and action, preferably the realistic, but I always give a chance to see what the game is up to.

Once upon a time I had a NES. It was a famiclone, since the standard console was only available in Brazil after 1993, and then, the Brazilian clones were already better and cheaper (but still quite expensive) than their imported counterparts. Even though I was very young at that time, I wasn't very found of those prehistorical titles. The same is true regarding computer games. It was only after the IBM-PC standard vanquished the multitude of plataforms dwelling in national market that I found games that caught my fancy. Suddenly I discovered a plenty of interesting titles. And after some research, some older gems that were even better, even though they were not very notorious. And from then on, I countinue playing on computers only. Maybe I'm just traumatized with the lack of options for consoles.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, just check my have/want lists, I try to keep them updated. I also have an alternative have list, displaying games that I owned, but I don't own now. There is where most of my stuff is. All my games are either for PC or NES. Even games that aren't available for PC, I managed to run some way.

Regarding Moby Games, my mission is not to accumulate insane amounts of mobypoints (although if that happens, it won't hurt at all =p ), but contribute with info about the kind of games I like and socialize with others mobyusers. Fell free to send me a message if you need. I may get in touch with you only after a few days (most likely in the following weekend), however you can be sure you will get a reply.