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Added description to BattlePets · March 3rd, 2013

BattlePets is a Pokémon clone in which you can capture and train fantasy pets then engage in battles against other creatures. There is a total of 30 different pets to capture and up to 35 unique abilities to teach them. When you are done exploring the forest maze you can challenge one of six evil wizards to free the the island of Enchantia.

Added description to Swarm Assault · February 20th, 2013

Swarm Assault is a real time strategy game where you battle with swarms of ants, beetles, spiders, scorpions and wasps to control the map. Each of the 5 Colonies have 3 units you can build, there is no resource management as the stronger the unit is the longer it takes to hatch. In total there is 100 levels to progress through based on 4 different terrain types, also a level creator to generate your own maps.

Added description to Plague of the Moon · October 30th, 2012

Many centuries ago, Margaret was introduced to the Black Death. She sought the devil's protection in a pagan cult of devil worshipers. Through demonic rites, Margaret became a powerful sorceress, her strength growing with each year. Then the Bloody Judge set off a vicious wave of executions for profit and pleasure. Margaret was condemned to burn. From within the flames, she cast a dreadful curse upon the land. Then she appeared to her daughter, Alucarda. "Avenge me, Alucarda! Avenge my death!"

You are Alucarda. You begin the game on a quest of vengeance, which may change. You begin with no witchcraft abilities, so you must gain them. It is a 3rd-person adventure game with classic point-and-click mechanics and a Sierra-score system. The player needs to examine the environment, collect objects and solve puzzles. It also has a first-person fighting part.

Added description to Transland · October 4th, 2012

Not being a kid any more and with a desire to explore the galaxy you pop down to the spaceship sale and get yourself a bargain. After take off something goes wrong and your ship explodes, you crash land safely in your combo escape pod/scooter unit on a strange world. The goal of the game is to restore the communications hub. Transland is a short 3D action game with light role-playing elements. It is played from a first-person perspective and it is reminiscent of Shadowcaster.

The player gets to explore the environment freely and there are four worlds to discover. Starting in Waterville there are three houses, each with a character inside and a quest that needs to be completed in the correct order. First the player has to go through a maze in Hedgeville to retrieve a jump unit. Once it has been found, the player gets to access Waterville. There, the jump unit is used to press buttons high up in the air to turn on fans. Enemies can be shot but initially only the Lame Gun is available. In this world a more powerful gun can be found, but with limited ammo. The final world is Iceville where a panel remover has to be located. It consists of different areas where the ice has been split into island. Once the item has been located, communications can be restored and the game is completed. Collected items are stored in an inventory.

Added description to Pocahontas · September 26th, 2012

Pocahontas is a side-scrolling platformer based on the Native American Indian later made famous in a Disney movie by the same name. The player alternates between Pocahontas and John Smith to complete seven missions. In levels one, two and four, Pocahontas needs to collect feathers for a Shaman woman to receive magic cards, travel through the forest while avoiding the spirit beat, and shake off a boy who chases her to prevent her from reaching the white man's camp respectively. John Smith is playable in the levels three, five and six. In the third level the American explorer needs to shoot animals running and passing by, on separate planes, by aiming his gun with the mouse. He needs to shoot enough animals to feed his men before it gets dark. The objective is the same in the fifth level, but there he is in a canoe and needs to catch fish. In the sixth level he leaps over ravines and across rivers until he meets Pocahontas. Together, they help each other cross a lake. In the final level both characters are controlled as they need to work together to catch a bear.

Next to regular platforming mechanics such as running, climbing, jumping and swinging, there are some minor puzzle elements involving items that are selected from the bottom of the screen. That part also holds a progress bar to show how close the objectives are. Characters are generally controlled with four movement keys. The mouse cursor is visible on the screen and acts as a guide to show the possible actions. Clicking left or right offers different actions.

Added description to Magic: The Gathering - Starter Level · April 2nd, 2012

This box set contains the following items:

  • Two decks featuring 22 illustrated cards.
  • Two 15-card packs with more advanced cards for expanded gameplay.
  • A collectable premium card of Rhox.
  • Two playmats with scorekeeping disks.
  • Two play guides to help you and your opponent through the game step by step.
  • A rulebook.
  • A CD-ROM loaded with mini-games that cover every aspect of play.
Added description to Assassin's Creed II: Game of the Year Edition · March 28th, 2012

This edition includes:

Added description to 2 Games in 1: Cartoon Network Block Party & Cartoon Network Speedway · February 23rd, 2012

This double pack has two Cartoon Network GBA games combined on one cartridge:

Added description to Speed/Space Adventure/Undersea Adventure · December 24th, 2011
Added description to 300 Arcade Games · December 23rd, 2011

300 Arcade Games is a compilation of shareware, demo and freeware games. The games are categorized in seven different categories.

Games included in this compilation are:

Kids: Absolute Memory, Ant Pro Run, Applegather, Apples Catch, BattlePets, Beetle Run, Booger Bungee, Cobra, Color Match, Daisy's Garden 2, ET's Turbo Pig Bash, Flags of Doom, Frog Hop for Windows, Fruit Picker '99, GJ Asteroids, GJ Breakdown, GJ Funball, GJ Goldrunner, GJ Powerball, Hungry Snake 2, Mouse Trap 2, NutCracker, Oilcap Pro, Peanut Hunt, Peter Pineapple, Ruby Ridge, Salameanderer, Saru Whack, Smiley's Adventures, The Worm, Unflob, Whack a Croc.

Sports: AGF, Bar Room Pool, Bomb Golf, Car Race, Challenge Pool, Dirt Bike, Elf Bowl, Fire guy, Fisherman's Warm Weather Challenge, Freeride Earth, G-Sector, Gap Sk8ter, Goalies Game, Goofy Golf, Gopher Golf, Hyper Polo, International Paintball, Killball, Knuddel's Quest, Knuddle's Mini Golf, MWS 2000, Micro Monster Truck Racing, MozPong, NETPong, Ninja Crazy Soccer, PBTerm, PC Slots- Slot Car Racing, PoniPong, Power Pong, Scary Fish, Shoot and Swish, Shooting, Slam, Smiley's Breakout, Snooker147, Soccer Penalty Shootout, Speedballer, Storm the Bunker, TZ Mini Golf, Warpie Soccer, Wet Willy Skateboarding.

Blocks: Algin It, Alphatris, AttraX, Bad Toys 3d, Ball Breaker 3d, Binary Balls II, Blocks Extreme, Bubblet, Buzzle Puzzle, CG Tetrisclone, Clickomana, Columns Millenium, Desk Drop, Drop Ball, Flaps, Hexagem, Marble Madness, Revolution, Tetrix 2000, WinBrick.

Blast: Annihilator, BZflag, Backcountry Killers, Bannana Bash, Billy's Great Adventure, Blastmaster 2000, Bonkheads, Brain Drain, Broadside, Buggie: Above the Law, Bummer! Household Attack, Cannon, Canopia, Cell Block A, Chase Ace, Chicken Chopper, Choas Nucelus, Choppers, Colony, Cosmo Dragon, Death Assault, Death Fighters, Defcon Cow, Desktop Destroy, Desktop Rage, Direct Shoot, Discus Fighter, Doom 95, Double Battle, Ducks, Fields of Fire, Final save Kiki, Gloopers War, Gunner 2, Happy Face Shootout, Hostage and Terriorist II, Jouster, Kaina 2, Kill 'Em Derby, LaserAge, Millenium Bugs, Mutant Animals on Wheels, Mutant Xpiders, Noop's Odyssey, On Target, Panzer Arena, Pet Wings, Phobia II, Pointless Violence, Punch 'Em, Raising Dead, Runner, Sea Battle, Swarm Assault, The Line of Fire, Time Jumper, Tinhead 2, Son of Tinhead, Tractor Rumble, Truxton Blast, X Evil, Zack Bond, Zone O, Zulu Assault.

Space: 3D Planet Attack, 3D Terriod, Arkanoid for Win 32, Asteriod Impact, Asteriod Miner, Atom-Boy, Balls Invasion, Battle Star, Boogaloopers, Brutal Space, Close Approach, Comet Crusher, Commander Keen: Lost in Time, Critical Mass, Crop Circles, Debris 32, Deep space intruder, Destruction Carnival, Donut Roids, Dragon Castle, Drone, Earth Destruction, Galatic Storm, Gravitational Combat, Gravity War Network Version, Gravity Well, Hypraxis 1, Invader 2000, Lightcycles, Logan's Fight, Marf, Masken 4, Mayhem, Meta Tron, MissileLaunch, Mission Alphatraon, Mission Asteriods, Monuments of Venus, Moon Lander- Gravity Well, Native Assault, Psychedelikon, Raptor, Revenge of the Bees, Rural Anti-Alien Militia, Space Battle, Space Duel, Space Junkie, Space Mines- Dunton, Space Mission 3000, Space Mob, Space War Plus, Space Worm, Spheres of Choas, Star Gunner, Tactical Nuke, Take Down the Empire, Ultranium 2000, WinAsteriods.

Maze: Abominations Bugs, Ballistyx, BoaBite3d, Bomberman, Breakthrough, Capman, Christmas Maze, Crazy Balls, Crunch Man, DX-Ball 2, Diamond Caves II, Digging Jim, Drain Storm, Extacy, Honeycomb, Jonathan's Breakout, Kalieidopee, Kwiks, Mr.Ball, Pacster, Puzzle Rally, Q Bob, RH Breakin, Rats, Rock 'n'Roll, Roll em Pinball, Rollem, Rush Hour Traffic, Safety Unawareness, Sentinels of Ceth, Spitfire, Squark, Striker 2, Styx-PC, Super Breakout, Super Noid, Viper 32, Virus, Void Runner, Wall Up, Wormed 2.

Three D: 360 Ultimate Spinball, 3D Ball of Defiance, 3D Blocks, 3D Lomtris, 3D Spinball, Asteriod X, BatBall.

Games not listed under any category are:

3D UZ, Captain Courageous, Cendric's Quest, Conflict at Sea, Coolrun, Crash Course, Cult, Diagle, Dippo: Lost In Space, Fire!, Frank Cook: Private detective, MicroMan Adventure 1, Monsters and Mayhem, Out of the pit, Pharoh's Ascent, Problem Baselock, Rings of the Magi, Runes, Sticker 2, The Extacy, X Bill.

Added description to Tow Truck Simulator 2010 · December 20th, 2011

Tow Truck Simulator 2010 allows the player to drive around the city in one of four different tow trucks. The player's tasks include hoisting up and taking away abandoned vehicles, improperly parked cars and automobiles damaged in accidents. The game features a dynamic mission generator and allows for user modifications. There is an option to play missions in Driving Simulator's city if the player owns a copy it.

Added description to Big Solitaires 3D · November 27th, 2011

Big Solitaires 3D is a open source collection of 40 different Solitaire card games using a OpenGL 3D renderer. Some of the more popular games included are: Canfield, Doubles, Forty Thieves, Freecell, Golf, Klondike and Spider. There are many varieties for each of these games.

Added description to Gon · November 27th, 2011

Gon is a side scrolling platform game based on the midget t-rex from the Japanese manga series with the same name.

The story is also told in a comic book fashion, without any actual text. Gon makes use of his head, teeth and tail to battle the hogs and rhinos that dare come in his way. There is also no life bar, the music just goes wild as Gon gets a massive hissy fit and eventually dies.

Added description to Cell Block A · November 27th, 2011

Cell Block A is a two-player death match game set in a prison, there are several levels to pick from. As time goes on, the guards get bored and will throw down lead pipes, fire extinguishers and later if the players are lucky: a shotgun. Players can also kill each other by falling on each other's head or pushing the other onto the jagged iron beams on the bottom of the level. Game was bundled with its own level editor called Jailed.

Added description to Hunting Unlimited 4 · November 27th, 2011

Hunting Unlimited 4 is the fourth installment in the Hunting Unlimited series. Like in previous entries the player can hunt for digital wildlife. This iteration features more digital trophies to track and hang above the fireplace mantle.

The player now has a option of twelve different game to hunt ranging from the dangerous black bear or cougar to the more usual moose and various kinds of deer. Hunting is done by playing through the 50 hunting challenges or free hunt mode were the player can customize the experiences down to the weather and time of day. Accompanying the player along his or her trek through the six different landscapes is a selection of more than 50 different firearm's, bows and hunting accessories.

Added description to Open Sea Fishing: The Simulation · November 27th, 2011

Manage your own open sea fishing company, with missions stretching around the globe. As your company earns money you buy better cutters and trawlers to take on bigger missions. Your missions range around catching different kinds of marine life ranging from crabs, prawns and a wide variety of fish. Game also features dynamic weather and day/night cycles.

Added description to Hunting Unlimited 2010 · March 5th, 2011

Hunting Unlimited 2010 is the 10 year anniversary and 7th title in the Hunting Unlimited series. The player takes the role of a hunter in a selection of game modes raging from the games main Challenge mode, Free Hunt, Tournaments, User Missions and there is also a Target Range where you can practice your aiming skills.

Game play takes place across a vast variety of terrain including Alaska, Africa and the Bavarian Forest also include a full day and night with weather effects ranging from fog, rain and even snow. You get to hunt Elephants, Lions and another 16 different kinds of game in both male, female and even youth stages. Your weapons arsenal consist of 29 weapons these vary from rifles, shotguns, handguns all the way down to varies kinds of bows. Also at your disposal is a huge selection of equipment ranging from a ATV Quad bike and horse to help you traverse the vast open distances, to different scents, calls and camouflages.

Added description to Fable II + Halo 3 Bundle · January 7th, 2011

This Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB Spring 2009 bundle includes:

Added description to Hunting Unlimited 2011 · January 6th, 2011

Hunting Unlimited 2011 is the 2011 iteration and 8th title overall in the Hunting Unlimited series. The player takes the role of a hunter gathering various trophies across the 50 American states.

In the game you can hunt 7 different kinds of game, this includes Moose, Wolves and even Grizzly Bears. Your weapons arsenal consists of 12 weapons varying from rifles, shotguns all the way down to varieties of bows.

Added description to EverQuest: New Dawn · December 24th, 2010

EverQuest: New Dawn is an anthology that includes:* EverQuest (original game)

Added description to Hunting Unlimited Trophy Collection · November 28th, 2010

Hunting Unlimited Trophy Collection is a compilation of the first three Hunting Unlimited games:

Added description to Hunting Unlimited 2009 · November 27th, 2010

Hunting Unlimited 2009 is the 2009 iteration in the Hunting Unlimited series. In the game the player takes on the role of a hunter.

In the game you can hunt 17 different kinds of animals, this included Elephants, Lions and even Wild Turkey. Your weapons arsenal consist of 28 weapons these vary from rifles, shotguns, handguns all the way down to varies kinds of bows. Also at your disposal is a huge selection of equipment ranging from a ATV Quad bike and horse to help you traverse the vast open distances, to different scents, calls and camouflages. As for the maps, these vary all the way from Alaska to Africa, also a worthy mention is the game includes a full day night cycle and weather system.

Game modes include: Challenges, Free Hunt Mode, Target Range, Tournament and a mission editor in which players can create their own missions.

Added description to SimClassics: Maxis Collections 1 · November 26th, 2010

This compilation contains:

Added description to Armored Moon: The Next Eden · November 15th, 2010

Armored Moon is a real-time strategy game. The story revolves around the year 2040, when Earth has ran out of resources and the big evil corporations try to take over the last of the remaining valuable resources located on the moon. You lead your rebel forces in ten increasingly difficult missions to take back control of the moon.

You start each stage with an allotted amount of funds and units, your forces gain experience and become stronger with time. Most units are bipedal mechs with different weapons and hit points. There is a number of cities on each map and your objective is always to conquer all enemy cities with weak cyborg units within a time limit. Structures can be built only near friendly cities. There is no RTS typical resource gathering here, instead the cities you own generate funds in intervals.

Units are not built, they are teleported in from a limited stock for funds. If you are out of units, you need to restart the stage trying to lose less. The computer opponent has an unlimited stock and attacks regularly. By conquering cities you gain additional units to the stock. Recharging is a tactical key element here, a special unit and a building can repair units with energy bolts over a small distance.