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About Me:

Originating from Athens, Greece, spending my spare time mostly on playing games, making 3D models for leisure and business, flying small aircrafts and Rally Racing. My profession is industrial design and currently I'm working as a freelancer.

I've been gaming since the old days of the Atari consoles (on 1980 I think) then on to ZX Spectrum 48K (1984), then to Commodore64, then to Amiga and then to new age PCs.

Computer games play a huge role in my life! First of all they are the perfect way of meditation and recreation for me. Being a bit of a dreamer as a person, playing and immersing in a computer game is an ideal world where I can find joy and happiness. I would give up doing anything to play a computer game and to be honest, computer games is the reason a couple of x-girlfriends have dumped me :D

I do enjoy writing reviews about computer games. And having discovered Moby Games back in 2002, made me realize that more! However, due to everyday life and loaded work activity I haven't been able to review as much games as I want to but I'm trying to improve that: 2007 was the year I wrote the most game reviews, the target for next year is to double up that number!

When reviewing a game I'm usually taking a story-telling approach. I won't be bothered too much with the tech stuff behind a game such as physics engines etc, if they look good in action, they are good no matter if the engine's name is Havoc or whatever, or what pixel shader is used etc. Looking good and describing that is what matters to me most.

My taste on games is rather a different one from what games people mostly play. Whenever I can I'm buying off-stream games also and giving them a try, I also feel that I give a try to the good people that made those off-stream games no to go into bankrupsy. You know there are a lot of people in the industry that need to make a living out of it, not just E.A., Eidos and Activision.

As you can see from the reviews I've wrote sofar my favourite games are racing orientated and shooters. Occasionally I will give a try at a good space blaster. And yes games play a very important role in my life, not only because they are recreational, sometimes they are a good source of inspiration in my artistic ventures!

Stick around, play a game, have a laugh and do not endorse software piracy 'cause it's gonna kill the scene as it did on the Amiga :(

I hope my reviews are enlighting for you and fun to read!