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Tony Hawk: Shred (PlayStation 3)

What A Way To Ruin The Tony Hawk Franchise, Activision.

The Good
What happened to Tony Hawk and its stagnant series? I don't know what's gotten into the company that Pitfall built. But with a skateboarding legend like the retired former X Games champ that spawned memorable games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater's 1, 2, and 3, and Tony Hawk's Underground 2, things were pretty rough since it all started in 2009.

Activision tried its best with Tony Hawk: Ride and the game was a fall from grace much to its loyal fanbase. And it only gets much worse when they release Shred in 2010. It has a few good moments including unique levels, art design, and soundtrack.

The Bad
Shred also has a lot of miscalculated attempts to fall off guard with the use of the awful peripheral board. The board lets players learn special moves until you continue to fall off the half-pipe over and over again. Just the same as Ride, Shred has becomes a laughing stock of the series and flipping the board just won't help that much. Even more frustrating is that the series is put on hold after the bad reception and sluggish sales at about 3,000 copies worldwide marks the beginning of the end for this ailing brand.

The Bottom Line
Ride and Shred are both unplayable duds. So I would think it would be a great idea if Activision should stop the bleeding and reboot the franchise from scratch. It may sounded very strange, but I missed the old Tony Hawk Pro Skater and its counterparts from the early decade. Being as one of the greatest skateboarding gaming franchises ever, it needs to get back on its true form and hopefully it should revitalize the nature of its critics and fans how improving they have to show what it takes to be the master of the half-pipe.

By Kadeem Gomez on May 31st, 2014

VS. Duck Hunt (NES)

A great NES game except for this annoying mutt

The Good
I used to play Duck Hunt way back since I first grabbed an NES from my brother. Those were the good ol' days when Nintendo used to have those orange light guns (a.k.a. the NES Zapper) in preparation for both pack-in titles include Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. It was a very funny game and that duck always try to be hiding someplace.

The Bad
The only character I don't like is the dog. Once I almost try to beat every level (except the Round 100 glitch), that dog always tries to trick me while I miss another shot killing that duck. And when the screen says "GAME OVER," he wins. Thanks a lot Nintendo for rubbing it in and let this dog tortured my Elmer Fudd dreams.

The graphics may be fun, but who wants to aim while shooting properly? The sound effects were badder than the dog, and the music is far from perfect unless the developers might've gotten this while watching Good Will Hunting.

The Bottom Line
I think it's a perfect example of a game that's so bad, it's good. Because I've been down this road for a while now and while this is Nintendo's greatest master plan to aim players concentrating on a hunting field trip where ducks can always be your best friend, but when this is all said then done, it's going to be a Dog Day Afternoon once this dog mocks at you. I hope Nintendo should put this on the Virtual Console soon and without light guns, you can always use your precious WII-motes to shoot ducks either single or multiplayer. Don't let this Dennis the Menace-like dog happen the same thing to you over and over again.

By Kadeem Gomez on May 28th, 2014

Mortal Kombat (SNES)

A watered-down Genesis clone of MK

The Good
In 1993, Mortal Kombat gained a new wave of fighting games to a whole another level: Blood, Gore, and... Sweat? The folks at Nintendo wanted to do a kiddie-friendly version of the arcade classic and what did they get, an unnecessary toned-down bloodless version of Mortal Kombat that left many loyal fans wondering: What are they thinking? Why is Nintendo the only ones who's calling all the shots about censorship?

I really love Mortal Kombat. Even though it has a total of 8 or 9 characters of the roster, but the fatalities were incredible and thanks to Midway's innovative idea to bash the living daylights out of its other rival (Capcom's Street Fighter II), who would've thought that Mortal Kombat's intense physicality is so brutal that parents should be warned to their children not to play this game.

The Bad
I don't wanna be so offended to Nintendo, but the SNES version of Mortal Kombat could be go down as one of the worst games this system has to offer. Thanks to their so-called policy that has garnered for so many years targeting to children, one year later the ESRB stepped it up and make this bloodthirsty game not suitable for all audiences (including children under 17) and thus makes Mortal Kombat the first fighting game franchise to be rated M for Mature. Nintendo knew it was coming and since MKII, they finally ended the policy and decided to make a warning label of their own.

They should've erased the sweat, they should've add more violence, and sure as hell, they should've learned a lesson from the Genesis version.

The Bottom Line
I would rather stick my gums out and play either Killer Instinct or Street Fighter II Turbo instead. I can put this Mortal Kombat SNES version altogether in three different words: tedious, incoherent, and downright terrible. It just goes to show you what Sega Genesis does what Nintendon't.

By Kadeem Gomez on April 7th, 2014

Tomb Raider (PlayStation 3)

The Queen is finally back on her throne.

The Good
I would like to say just one thing: Thank You, Crystal Dynamics. I've been playing Tomb Raider since the original version and after all the good and bad times Lara Croft have been struggled over the past decade (including the horrible Angel of Darkness), I thought the Tomb Raider series is going to be dead. But it's all about to change. And the reboot of Tomb Raider (or Tomb Raider 9) is just what the series needs, a younger, vulnerable, and much action-packed Lara like I've never seen her before.

When I first saw the trailer at E3 back in 2011, I was shocked and completely thrilled about the new Tomb Raider experience. It's where Lara was going to set sail on a new expedition adventure while the ship was sunked down below the surface and Lara desperately trying to hang on for her life. Now in order to survive off the island of Yamatai, she has to create survival instincts and players must use combat, stealth, agility, and endurance skills to show how a true adventurer she really is and that's why CD is making this one an "origins" take on young Lara Croft before she was a busty, turquoise-wearing, gun-totting, double-pistoled babe that geeks just can't get enough of her while drooling over the TV or reading a couple of EGM magazines.

This is one of the best games I've played in 2013. When you mixed with Uncharted, Pitfall, and Prince of Persia together, these games just defined action-adventure into a world of exploration and dangerous missions. But the new "Tomb Raider" just added a new look to an archaeologist's best friend

Camilla Luddington's performance as young Lara Croft is truly amazing, the story is awe-inspiring, the exciting nature of the game is pure brutal and be quite enough to make this the first M-rated Tome Raider game in the now 18-year-old saga.

The Bad
The worst idea that Tomb Raider had left fans and critics quite confused was the addition of online multiplayer. Although I love the first multiplayer feature from the always favorite downloadable PSN version of "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light." But I felt that there's no need for a multiplayer feature on the 2nd reboot. Every Tomb Raider game in the series always doesn't have multiplayer. It allows players to go head-to-head or compete against each other and hope to survive the island in three modes including five scavenger maps in less than 10 minutes flat. Interesting, but I'd say it's really tough.

Also, I love QTE (quick time events) whenever something bad is going to happen while pressing multiple buttons carefully.. But as soon as I get to the level where some people might get trouble with this one. A scene where Lara is being raped by a scavenger member and as a result I have to fight by pressing a couple of buttons and wiggle the left and right analog stick. But if Lara can't struggle her way, she's going to be shot in the face and I have to start all over again.

I don't know why they are doing this to poor Lara Croft, but I think Square Enix just jumped the shark a little bit because the death scenes weren't quite as impressive as memorable death scenes like "Resident Evil 4" or "Prince of Persia" when it comes to animals, creatures, guards, and eventually spikes. Yep, those sharp-looking needles that slices the character in pieces. So players have to be very extra careful.

The Bottom Line
If I could make 3 wishes that Tomb Raider needs in honor of the PS4 Definitive Edition out January 28 is:

  1. Try adding a singer-player DLC campaign for new players who already experienced the true power of the Playstation 4.

  2. How about making a survival guide of Lara Croft of her own.

  3. Try making the death scenes more lightly.

I know that it lost Game of the Year thanks to Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us, but Tomb Raider is the granddaddy of 2013. It doesn't matter if it's Teen or Mature-rated, but I would love to see more M-rated Lara Croft in the future. Like during Tomb Raider 10, maybe Crystal Dynamics should put Lara Croft on a bigger and tougher challenge including how she first introduced to her new enemy, The T-REXXXXXXXXXX! I would definitely love to see that during the next E3.

By Kadeem Gomez on January 14th, 2014

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Atari 2600)

E.T.: 30 years later and still resides in a landfill.

The Good
30 years ago, the Atari 2600 was about to go up in smoke and the company has faced terrible stiff competition against their rivals Nintendo, Commodore, Colecovision, and Sega. With the 2nd Generation winding down, Atari made one last disappearing trick and that's releasing the first movie-licensed game to be released on the 2600. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. A video game that's so bad, no one ever wanted to pay good money and play an alien who wants to phone home. And so it began, the video game crash that is still remembered this year and just as you know, Atari is D.O.A. And I saw an X-Play episode way back where Adam and Morgan are trying to figure after what happened where truckloads of millions of unsold copies of both Pac-Man and E.T. were buried in a landfill in Alamagordo, New Mexico.

The Bad
The reason why E.T. was a big failure for the Atari 2600 was that the controls were broken, the music is terrible, and I certainly don't know what the hell happened to the company that spawned millions of fans jumped up and played the original Pong way back since the birth of arcades in the late '70s. I mean, what's in the future for Atari these days? No new games, no employees, no fanbase, things were never looking good if you're still stuck in 1983.

The Bottom Line
Many of video game critics were still questioning what really did happened after the crash. I would really hope to see an Oscar-worthy documentary sometime in the future and find out some evidence and new clues that might've forced Atari to run out of business as of their bankruptcy announcement last January and what is the future behind current and future next-gen consoles. E.T. is still one of the worst movie-licensed games of all time, but it will soon be remembered. September 26, 1983, the crash that crumbled the gaming market.

By Kadeem Gomez on July 27th, 2013

WWF in Your House (PlayStation)

One of the first and only worst WWF games in years

The Good
The now-defunct WWF In Your House was not just an ordinary pay-per-view, it features some great WWF wrestlers, heated rivalries, and it was the first PPV to win great prizes for one lucky fan. Although it discontinued thanks to the Attitude Era in 1997 and WWF plans to continue events without the "In Your House" name change, to this day it's still one of the best WWF PPV's of all time. In 1996, after the success of Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game, Acclaim and the WWF wanted to make a game which is based on the same name as the "In Your House" event. It did, unfortunately, it looked like a virtual clone of "Mortal Kombat."

WWF In Your House has a lot of cool features like an intro video to the game (which the theme song is from the Attitude Era's "RAW is War" generation). Also, in order to beat the game in Season mode, there's a special video package as a tribute to superstars like Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels.

The Bad
As a WWF fan watching Monday Night RAW, I think there are some annoying choices regarding to IYH. First, I felt that the commentary just wasted too much time to call outside the ring. Where's Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross? Should they call a Stone Cold Steve Austin or Bret Hart match in a Wrestlemania video game? Yes. McMahon and Mr. Perfect, not so much.

Midway should've sued both the WWF and Acclaim for not getting permission copying "Mortal Kombat" into a quiet game of chutes and ladders. Isn't it weird that the ESRB made In Your House a K-A rating instead of a Teen-rated version because of the violence that parents should even aware of?

There are only 10 wrestlers with no superstars bios and no storylines. OK, who wants to watch WCW Monday Nitro? Anyone?

The Bottom Line
It's made with 100% evil and a 50/50 chance of buying a different WWF video game. I think "In Your House" is a "Mortal Kombat" wannabe. There's a whole lot of classic WWF games that I really like. There's WWF Smackdown, WWF Smackdown 2! Know Your Role, and WWF Attitude. It's too bad that the World Wrestling Federation is now an Entertainment kid-friendly filth (not the Ruthless Aggression era, just the crappy TV-PG cesspool.) For a WWF game that is terrible on many occasions, this is the one and that's why In Your House! should've been called "Stay Away From My House and Never Ever Talk To Me Again."

By Kadeem Gomez on October 15th, 2012

Street Fighter: The Movie (PlayStation)

The movie still rocks, but the game sucks

The Good
I get it why some movie critics hate video game movies (sometimes). Whether they haven't played the games yet or they still making money at the box office. I thought the Street Fighter movie was awesome when they put an all-star cast like Jean-Claude Van Damme and Ming-Na. I also gave praise to the late Raul Julia, who did an excellent performance playing the evil M. Bison and sometimes it's just too hard on playing a bad villain in a movie role. It's career suicide. But the movie and the Street Fighter II Animated version is a must-see if you already own one. I got them on DVD.

The Bad
Street Fighter: The Movie is just another bad taste on putting a successful 1994 movie and transferred into a video game. Here's the reason why the game is terrible.

  1. It's a Capcom-produced game (not Acclaim, nor Midway).
  2. The characters look digitally alike as the ones from the original Mortal Kombat game.
  3. The graphics, music, sounds, and Ryu's Hadouken will make you wanna throw the game into a landfill of broken discs.

    The Bottom Line
    Not only is Street Fighter: The Movie the worst video game movie, but the video game version based on the movie should've been played during the failure of Atari's Jaguar console (for around $5 bucks). The Street Fighter franchise is still going strong after all these years, but they made the first and only big mistake they had to plan. I wonder if Capcom could be celebrating 30 years of the good, the bad, and the mediocre of the 80's and 90's altogether.

By Kadeem Gomez on August 3rd, 2012

Gargoyles (Genesis)

A licensed Disney classic that doesn't suck

The Good
From 1994-1997, Disney's Emmy-winning animated series "Gargoyles" was short-lived after 3 hard seasons. But fans and critics will be remembered when it was one of the greatest TV shows of the '90s. The video game of the same name as the TV show was a true Genesis classic. In the game, you play as the heroic Gargoyle, Goliath, as he must destroy the most powerful weapon ever, the Eye of Odin (the same weapon used in God of War: Ghost of Sparta). But Goliath must go through the evil Gargoyle who hates humans, Demona and save the world from total destruction. Although there's no characters in the game. No Elisa Maza, Xanatos, Brooklyn, Hudson, Bronx, Lexington, or Broadway. Just the two main characters that reflects the origins of the TV series. Incredible gameplay, a mix-up between beat 'em ups and side-scrolling 2-D platforming excitement, and a CGI-inspired designs to make the characters even more virtual hand-drawn work, this is the game you still must own.

The Bad
I'm really disappointed that the game was supposed to be on the Super NES after its Genesis release, but was immediately scrapped. I also thought it was going to be released on the Playstation One. but they didn't planned it.

The Bottom Line
If you still watch reruns of the Gargoyles TV series (on Disney XD) or watch it on DVD or Youtube, I really suggest fans to enjoy playing "Gargoyles" on the Genesis. It wasn't a disappointment, but I'm still always be a Gargoylemaniac. I hope someday soon Disney could put Gargoyles into a live-action movie, a reboot of the series, or just bring the old series back.

By Kadeem Gomez on June 4th, 2012

Burnout: Revenge (PlayStation 2)

Revenge is sweet

The Good
I played Burnout Revenge since its release back in '05. I think Burnout Revenge is definitely the best destructive car smashing games since Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit or Underground. Before Split Second deserves a classic retrospect to the Burnout franchise, my favorite racing feature in the game was the eliminator (where you must get past all 5 cars in 30 seconds or more before time runs out) and the Crashbreaker (a level where every car or truck you've destroyed gets you big points and awarding a gold medal). Whenever you race on a next course, there are some rival cars that can take you out, but also use your drifting skills to burn rubber, get close to the driver, and WHAM! Your rival is history. I also loved the soundtrack because it has a lot of hits blended into a mixture of pop, alternative rock, indie, dance, and electronica. I thought the game wasn't gonna be a bigger success than Takedown, but I was wrong. My biggest dream is: I wonder if EA could re-release the game along with Takedown and Paradise to make it into solid HD gold.

The Bad
The multiplayer battle features (online or offline) was pretty much the same, but a little confusing. But the loading times was pretty annoying. I was trying to prepare for the next race, but remember when Tony Hawk's American Wasteland was the only game that has no loading interruptions, it was cool. However, in Burnout Revenge, all I see was a information screen like watch out for incoming traffic and how to find unlocked cars on a grand prix event.

The Bottom Line
I've started playing Burnout Revenge for 3 hours and I kinda enjoyed every moment in the series whether its tapping a one-touch button to another or having a wonderful time demolishing auto parts. If you haven't played Burnout or any of its series, you've just missed out on all the action, the stunts, and the features that you must check it out. Maybe Burnout could make another game besides Paradise and make a sixth entry. But Burnout Revenge is pure 100% mayhem.

By Kadeem Gomez on June 4th, 2012

Golden Axe: Beast Rider (PlayStation 3)

A tragic end to a familiar and popular franchise

The Good
I know it's hard to be a fan of the Golden Axe Sega Mega Drive era, but Golden Axe hasn't been in a next-gen console since the Saturn pulled its legs and continues to beat Sony and Nintendo, but it wasn't enough. But it's still one of the best consoles since the Genesis. When Golden Axe: Beast Rider was released in '08, I thought this was going to be a bigger comeback to the series, but since I read the negative reviews I was like saying "OUCH! Maybe it's too little too late for a reboot." The good news is that Tyris Flare is smokin' hot in that Conan-like style outfit. I wonder if in the future, Golden Axe could still be an M-rated title since Beast Rider was the first.

The Bad
With poor gameplay, a sloppy story campaign, and a strange combat system, I don't think Sega is not ready for a sequel or a reboot. If they want to stick with the old Golden Axe's 1 and 2, that's fine. But if they have Beast Rider and you played it and thrusting your fingers handling a few problems with the game, maybe you could sell it on Ebay and leave a feedback to the seller saying "I Want My Money Back, You Jerk!".

The Bottom Line
After the departure of the now-defunct developer Secret Circle, what will Sega do to the series? Things aren't looking too good for the company that Sonic built. The economy is rough sometimes and layoffs are really depressing when it comes to bad sales and no marketing advertisers. Well, I feel bad for SEGA and hopefully, maybe there is a second chance to bring back the Golden Axe universe. But Beast Rider is a forgotten game. Still, you could stare at Tyris's bikini body.

By Kadeem Gomez on April 5th, 2012

Rumble Roses (PlayStation 2)

Girls Gone Wild. DOA does it, so does Rumble Roses

The Good
I've been playing a lot of WWE games over the past decade from the SmackDown vs. RAW series. But since I saw the TV commercial for Rumble Roses, I was drooling to the screen and saying "What are these girls wearing? Will there ever be a fighting game this hotter and beginning to kick the living hell out of the Dead Or Alive bikini-clad chicks?" I was right, and that's why Rumble Roses is the perfect combination of the words "Down N' Dirty." With so many options to choose from, my favorite is the mud match feature where you choose your favorite characters wrestling half-naked in the creamy chocolate pool. I wish they could be featured in a Playstation Magazine swimsuit section. The story mode is where you start by taking down all of the women and then you have to challenge Lady X in the final boss battle. It may be sound different when they usually mixed the words "Lady" and "X," hey, remember the Metal Gear Solid games Snake Eater and Sons of Liberty? Maybe it could be a reminiscent of EVA and Solid Snake. But the story mode is incredible. It also lets players to choose which side are you on with the heel system. For example, Former WWE superstar, Edge, used to loved the fans so much. Instead, he's got into the darker side as he wins and cheats matches, marries Lita, and becoming a World Champion. That's why everyone is booing and chants "YOU SUCK!" to a wrestler that turns his/her good side into betrayal. It's just the same in a WWE game where you place a dirty move, the referee never saw it, and uses some kind of weapon (brass knuckles, etc.) to hide the evidence. But Vow system is where you want to choose which matches you must complete with a set of rules like no time limits, DQ's, weapons, and using her own finishing maneuvers.

The Bad
The soundtrack is great, kinda a mix of J-Pop meets Bubblegum Rock & Roll. I'm worried that the vocals aren't as any good as any game can deliver. But the big problem is? Where's all the nudity? Please don't tell me it could be another nude code trick like Tomb Raider. Sure, it's M-rated, but I want to see those girls with bigger breasts and look the same as DOA does best.

The Bottom Line
Forget BMX XXX and enough with those crappy AO (Adults Only) games. If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to relax at home, then how bout a dose of hot divas, hot bods, and hot features. Rumble Roses is one of my favorite PS2 games of all time. I hope someday in the future Konami could make a possible third Rumble Roses game not just for Playstation, but probably if Sony or Microsoft could just make an announcement regarding the Playstation 4 or another XBOX console during this year's E3. Fight now, party later.

By Kadeem Gomez on February 28th, 2012

X-Men: Destiny (PlayStation 3)

Why mutants, Why?

The Good
Although X-Men hasn't had a lot of love for game critics and fans over the past decade, but is X-Men: Destiny a big comeback to the series? Almost, but they aren't ready yet. Well the good thing is that X-Men Destiny has taken over a whole new universe. You could fight various characters from the award-winning comic book series "X-Men: Legacy." Good or evil, you have to decide who's side are you on in order to gain possession of a city that is in serious trouble. Now the endings are a lot different (just like the ones in last year's hit movie "X-Men: First Class"), but after you beat all of the villains in the game, the player has to either join the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants. It's like a switch-off crossover between Gears of War and Crysis.

The Bad
There are a lot of changes in the game. The story was a little more like an episode of "Wolverine and the X-Men," but it just not as good as any comic book video game the fans wanted to know just the secrets on how it take place. The graphics and gameplay are awful. Button-mashing controls like this is where I describe it as blatant and incoherent. And finally, voice acting is very bad. I thought I wanted a fresh and exciting new way to make sure the X-Men are once heroes, always standing up and fight for justice. But I don't see it neither is the characters.

The Bottom Line
For every kid who deserves to buy this game gets to be the biggest comic book fan. For those who thought the game needed a little makeover, well count me in! I think this wasn't what Activision had in mind to reboot the X-Men game series, but "Destiny" was a big disappointment. I need more action, adventure, full of suspense and thrills, but please bring back the original "X-Men." I know Cyclops isn't the only heroine alone.

By Kadeem Gomez on January 21st, 2012

Final Fight: "Streetwise" (PlayStation 2)

It's time for a REAL reboot of the franchise.

The Good
"Final Fight" was one of the best fighting series since "Street Fighter II." They haven't been in a home console since the SNES days until they finally named a somewhat absurd title called "Final Fight: Streetwise" for PS2 and XBOX. Let's be honest, it's a Street Fighter nightclub filled with brawlers and hustlers. The character designs were a little disappointing, but on the positive side I actually like the fact that Capcom's last studio in Japan gave everything they had to start making a game from scratch and putting past fan favorite characters like M. Haggar, Guy, and Cody to put to the test. Also, I don't know about Cammy White. She's tougher as nails. I thought Poison was going to be in the game, but eventually it was scrapped. So Cammy was the right choice and she's pretty awesome. Remember she made a Street Fighter spin-off of her finishing move named before the game released on the ill-fated Dreamcast?

The Bad
The sad part about the game is a lack of frustrating choices. I felt that the story mode is pretty lame and not in a old-fashioned Arcade renaissance. Voice acting is so terrible, terrible as in original Resident Evil terrible. And I thought this was a no BS Def Jam rip-off, but the core gameplay and the weapons that you have to choose is boring. I remember when the WWE used the Hardcore Championship belt and watched all the wrestlers like Al Snow vs. Bob Holly taking it over the limit where there's no rules and falls count anywhere. On the other hand, "Final Fight: Streetwise" isn't so hardcore after all.

The Bottom Line
I think it's time for the "Final Fight" franchise to reboot the series. Back 2 years ago, "Street Fighter IV" made a stunning look at what gamers are playing right now, and that's why I'm hoping Capcom should bring back the characters and turn it into a 3-D makeover. Soon, they'll be taking the page out of the "Street Fighter IV" strategy guide. I know there are a lot of tweets and Facebook friends desperate to bring back a Capcom classic to be revisited from "Mega Man" to "Breath of Fire." So, in my conclusion, "Final Fight: Streetwise" isn't a bad game, it's just not ready for a challenge.

By Kadeem Gomez on December 11th, 2011

The Bouncer (PlayStation 2)

By Kadeem Gomez on November 24th, 2011

The Tomb Raider Trilogy (PlayStation 3)

Three fantastic games, one legend, one low price!

The Good
What happens when you mix an entertainment icon who's in her 15-year run with a curvaceous body, a successful of 3 favorite games over the past decade, and a collection so stunning even Nathan Drake started his first adventure as a treasure hunter. "The Tomb Raider Trilogy!" is worth buying at one itty-bitty low price! My favorite Tomb Raider games were Legend and Underworld! Both were awe-inspiring and sometimes you just can't enough of Lara Croft when she's up to something more dangerous and more personal from riding a Harley-like motorcycle to swimming deep into the abyss. The games look incredible with the intense HD experience, thank goodness it's not in 3-D. Along with a list of features including exclusive content from "Underworld" and a theme to put on your PS3 desktop. The talented Keeley Hawes delivers a fantastic choice to voice Lara in a type of attitude that she always enjoys.

The Bad
The camera angles feels tired although I'm not making it up. But ever since Legend came out in '06, I thought it will be a cool opportunity to get past through the dark moments after the downfall of "The Angel of Darkness" and start making a reboot from scratch. The controls were great, but the button-mashing were unattached because you have to be on the lookout for dangerous creatures and environmental traps because you'll never know when to expect whether it's killed or be killed.

The Bottom Line
If "Guardian of Light" wasn't enough for your craving appetite, try this! For around $40 bucks, this will be added to your collection of PS3's signature Greatest Hits line. I'm so amped for the reboot of the Tomb Raider series because I can't wait for Fall 2012. I'm still in shock that Lara has turned her good ponytail locks and a busty-sized pinup to a real serious and painful look and ready to go in Survival Mode in her next adventure. I know it's still an adventure title, but I'm still puzzled if the game will be still a Teen-rated game or an M-rated version for the first time in the franchise. But most of all, if you have a great HD Collection like Prince of Persia and God of War, then you'll be edged to your seat going down to a local video game store and pick up a hot deal. "The Tomb Raider Trilogy" is worth playing and worth buying to loyal fans of Lara Croft who has been overcome a tough ride over the past decade and now she's mine on my Christmas list.

By Kadeem Gomez on October 17th, 2011

Superman (Nintendo 64)

From Hero to Zero!

The Good
Look, up in the sky. It's a bird, It's a plane! No, it's (it's nothing more than a superhero hit by an asteroid). Nothing good here, just a bad example of superhero games.

The Bad
The graphics, the gameplay, the rubbish storylines, and the sound is very, very terrible. The first time I played the game, he just look like a cloned villain named Superboy, sort of.

The Bottom Line
Don't even think about renting it or buying it! Remember way back when E.T. killed the Atari console and buried in a New Mexico landfill, that's the reason why we don't care about those kiddie stuff video games anymore. If you want a superhero game that has greater experience (like Batman: Arkham Asylum) and less talking, be my guess because Batman is way better than Superman. "Superman 64" is one of the worst (and eventually the last) superhero games of all time.

By Kadeem Gomez on October 12th, 2011

Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)

Nobody beats Final Fantasy like Square

The Good
The passion, the drama, the suspense, all in one game. Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite games in the world of classic RPG's. Before Everquest and World of Warcraft changed video games everywhere, Final Fantasy VII takes you on a magic carpet ride full of mysterious and darker paths than ever before. When you have a reluctant sword-wielding hero, a beautiful princess, a martial arts expert, and a evil sorcerer, who's side are you on? Every sequence in the game lets you know when and where it might shock you the most during an hour long of battle. My favorite tearjerker in the game was the death of Aerith Gainsborough (god bless her heart). It is so sad and deeply emotional and that's why loyal critics and fans are wondering: Is this the end of our beloved hero Cloud Strife or will armageddon strike early?

The Bad
I don't know the difference between linear gameplay and customized graphics, but the least part in the game was the ending of the game. Because some are just spoilers, but not all of them. Before Final Fantasy VIII, we just can't remember what will happen next time.

The Bottom Line
My three choices that Square Enix needs for Final Fantasy VII to do are:

  1. Turn it into a Hollywood movie.
  2. A remake might do the trick.
  3. A possibility for a broadway musical.

Whatever it is, I sure hope I could get a positive answer next time. But now, let's all have a story of our own. A story I like to call: What's Your Final Fantasy?

A great and fun retrospective of the Playstation universe. "Final fantasy VII" is an example of god's gift to heaven.

By Kadeem Gomez on September 2nd, 2011

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PlayStation)

A Stalker's Best Friend

The Good
I can't ever imagine why Resident Evil 3: Nemesis truly redefines the series all because of one thing: Mercy! The game is incredible with fantastic cut scenes, scary intense gameplay, and my personal favorite is when Jill Valentine ditching her old S.T.A.R.S. uniform into a sexy blue tube top, white sweater, and black mini-skirt outfit. A perfect homage to Le Femme Nikita and James Bond. Jill is ready for action and so does her appearance in Marvel VS. Capcom 2. The outfit rocks because it is way better than Lara Croft's gun-totted tank top. You can also choose a weapon of your collection and a rocket launcher to slow down Nemesis and kill him. But you have to beat the clock in order to escape the city.

The Bad
The camera angles are less sharp if you don't know where you are going because you have a whole arsenal of zombies and monsters to attack on so many courses. I was having a hard time moving with the 360 degree turn. The timing of the game was perfect except some difficult choices whether you fight with Nemesis or run for your life. That's why the new features aren't supposed to be introduced.

The Bottom Line
This is for the fans that doesn't have a Playstation in the past and now it's worth a lot of money if you didn't play an instant classic. RE3: Nemesis is one of the best games since the first Resident Evil game that started it all. If I was working in Raccoon City, I just want to keep an eye on my peers if I want to relive the incident all over again and try to stay alive. It's one of the best games you should buy before you die. The 90's will never be the same.

By Kadeem Gomez on August 31st, 2011

Mortal Kombat (PlayStation 3)

By Kadeem Gomez on July 19th, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever (PlayStation 3)

By Kadeem Gomez on July 7th, 2011

Resident Evil (PlayStation)

"The logo that started it all"

The Good
When was the last time you ever brought a Playstation and start thinking a title that defined taking the pages out of every horror movie?

For starters, I never heard of a video game titled "Resident Evil" before. I know it stands for BIOHAZARD in Japanese, but I will never ever forget the great and wonderful work the big bad guys of Capcom introduced to the genre called "Survival Horror." But "Resident Evil" killed it! It has great cutscenes, including my favorite moment in the beginning of the game, when you play Jill Valentine trying to investigate through a haunted police station until all of a sudden, a vicious type of zombie dog came though the window and I was totally freaked out. It's like "Saw" meets "Friday the 13th."

The characters are outstanding. My favorite "Resident Evil" character was Albert Wesker. He was the Hannibal Lecter of evil geniuses. When he starts making a eerie grin on his face, you know that something bad is going to happen when it comes to flesh-eating zombies and disgusting creatures.

The Bad
Although I had a few problems on how the game starts, here's how the game almost lost its mark:

Voice Acting: This was a bad example of dialogues in a video game. Remember when Barry used to say to Jill: "Jill, Here's a lockpick. It might come in handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you." I wasn't sure what that means but as far as I concern, he should be taking shooting lessons instead of stand-up comedy. I know Jill won the hearts by many critics and nicknamed her "The Master of Unlocking" or "The First Female Protagonist of a horror game," but Barry is by far the utmost worst character in Capcom history.

Another bad idea in the game is the "You Died" or "You Are Dead" game over screens. I hope Capcom should get rid of those pesky screens. What happens when your ammo is running out and there's nowhere left to run with no safe rooms to save the game data and hordes of zombies shows up and you got eaten by brain food? I hope this will be the last time in every "Resident Evil" game with those restrictions to be disappointed by fans.

The Bottom Line
Everyone should revisit the same year that "Tomb Raider" got started. 15 years, more "Resident Evil" games coming out, 4 successful movies, a book series, everything. Man, I wish I was the only one stranded in the house playing the game for more than "an hour."

"Resident Evil" is not just the greatest franchise of all time, it's truly reminds me of a flashback of what makes horror so much fun. A truly, great classic and a masterpiece. That's what the first "Resident Evil" game was all about. "Resident Evil" is the greatest game of the Playstation Era.

By Kadeem Gomez on May 27th, 2011

Mortal Kombat: Special Forces (PlayStation)

By Kadeem Gomez on April 18th, 2011

Fighters Uncaged (Xbox 360)

By Kadeem Gomez on March 26th, 2011

Tomb Raider (PlayStation)

"Lara Croft, the First Lady of Playstation"

The Good
I definitely love Tomb Raider and for many years I've never played an Indiana Jones type adventure before, until now. I already download it on PS3's PSOne Classics Store and I gotta agree that this is the best game of the 1990's. What I most enjoyed in the game is the choreographic designs and fantastic aerial gameplay that is so innovative and so unbelievable an iconic game has to offer. Toby Gard is a phenomenal genius creating a beautiful and sexier character named Lara Croft, a skillful, athletic, hands-on 3-D archaeologist, who is no fear of danger. And when it comes to booby traps, solving puzzles, and animal extinction, I really wanna know how did Eidos pulled a trigger happy British buxom that has incredible speed and agility would go on to new adventures at new places? Anyway, nice setting, the music is great, all of the stuff in Tomb Raider is awesome.

The Bad
I was feeling a bit bad about the clunky controls, save features, and camera problems, the only problem in the game is the glitches. It's not how they actually blame the problem, but I am sure that things are a little better.

The Bottom Line
Lara Croft will never die, I can promise you that. She is the "It" girl of entertainment. Movies, appearances, magazines, comics, you name it. But I will never ever forgot the year 1996, the year of the Croft. Great action, fantastic gameplay, and stunning graphics. "Tomb Raider" is amazing, go play it and relive it with your friends. Oh, and one thing: Happy Birthday, Lara! 15 years may never look so good.

By Kadeem Gomez on March 20th, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII (PlayStation 3)

By Kadeem Gomez on March 19th, 2011

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