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Added description to Emergency 2016 · August 14th, 2019

In Emergency 2016, players send their forces to extinguish fires, rescue people, fight crime and clear accident sites. The game has campaigns in German cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich as well as a free-play single player and multiplayer mode - which is everything from its predecessor Emergency 5 Deluxe, including bug fixes. Additionally it has a new Emergency vehicle that is used for quarantine.

The game starts with a trip to medieval Cologne, where the story of the campaign about the Black Plague (a new campaign with new missions) begins.

Added description to The Dark Eye: Herokon Online · May 10th, 2015

Herokon Online was a free to play browser MMORPG for mid-core and more advanced gamers, set in the Dark Eye universe. The game was set in the northern part of Aventuria, the fantasy world well known to pen&paper role-players. The game offered epic quests with multiple outcomes and hidden problem-solving approaches.

You could create your individual character from a selection of races (human, dwarf or elf) and chose between classes like mage, thief and knight (and their elf and dwarf complements).

By solving quests or killing enemies you earn experience points. With every level-up you gain attribute and talent points that can be distributed automatically or manually. In some locations in the game the character could also ask non-player-characters to teach him some special abilities or new spells. Another way of (temporary) character improvement were the items (weapons, armor, cloth and jewelry) and consumables, which had positive or negative effects on the character stats.

The game had a a tactical real-time combat system, with melee and ranged weapons or spells. Besides, the character could use skills like haggling or pickpocketing.

The game offered a huge world with many areas and locations. Dungeons with several levels and mighty boss enemies could be explored by groups of players or alone. There also were some PvP combat arenas where players could compete against each other.