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Mr. Eight-Three-One

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About Me:

You probably know me as the 90s gaming and computing fanatic who is a total archivist. As such, this is the perfect site for me.

To be more specific, I have loved computers since the beginning of my life. I first used one when I was only two years old in 1997 and have been into it ever since. In later years I started getting intrigued with hardware, and I started gaining an immense interest in the history of computing. This has subsequently led to a hobby in vintage computing, though I have yet to be making enough money to start a collection.

My favorite era of computing is the 90s, and I have a strong attachment to edutainment games of that decade. I do occasionally play modern games as well, but I am far more proud of my disc-based game collection than anything. At one point in my life I favored console games, but I have since lost track of that industry and now only focus on the computer side.

I am the kind of person who must archive and back up everything. I truly can't bear the thought that something will be lost forever. I actively scan covers to make sure gaming history will be preserved on this site.

Luke 6:27-36