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About Me

I'm a 46 year old guy from Southern Ontario, Canada. I've been into PC gaming since 1992 and have quite a collection of games that I've purchased. Before 1992, I had an Apple IIGS and IIC, before that, a Commodore 64 and VIC 20 and was also into gaming on those systems. On the console side of things I've owned an Atari 2600 and 4800 at one point and an NES (Ah, the good ol' days) and I currently have an SNES with about 20 games. I also have a Playstation 2 with about 20 games. I missed the whole Playstation 1 craze so now I'm catching up with those games too. I have 4 Playstation 1 games. I'm particularly interested in the technical side of gaming (i.e. The engine used, how the programmers use the engine, etc.), sometimes moreso than actual gameplay. Some of my favourite PC games are: The Doom Series, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Balls of Steel, and Command & Conquer. I would love to work as a game beta tester because of my eye for detail. I also enjoy Dance music and have quite a collection of CD's. My favourite music artists are Enya and Enigma.

If anyone has the following games for the PC, I am interested in trading for, or buying them: Alone In The Dark, Alone In The Dark 2 and/or The Alone In The Dark Trilogy. Preferably with the original box, manuals and disk(s). Thanks! :)