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Steven Universe @OtherFiles

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Despite the moniker, please ignore any past role-play antics that happened since the Spring and Summer of 2014. I am just a normal person who also likes to add concise things to MobyGames' database. Also, previously, my user/nickname was "SearchlightCrystalGems", but since recently, my other endeavor named "Other Files" has now been garnered as the nickname on MobyGames, given the fact that I have utilized it more than other monikers, banner names, aliases, etc. in recent years.

This role-play bio occupied the original "Describe yourself" placement for years has been retired, but preserved here for historical purposes: "I am one of the Crystal Gems. II live in Beach City. I have a Nintendo 64. Is this the show named after me? Yep! Outside of the Cartoon Network Studios/Warner Bros. Studios, i try to add lots of attributes to many games on the MobyGames database and help expand it."

This new bio was written on April 17, 2020.