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Tim Trzepacz @TimTrzepacz

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About Me:

I've been a game programmer since I got my first Atari 800 computer in 1981. I was a huge Atari fan as a kid, starting with the Atari 2600 and sticking with them through to the Atari ST series in 1992. I finally stopped making Atari games in 1992 when I started working commercially in the industry, working on "Pirates'!Gold" for the Sega Genesis.

After working on several other unreleased products for Microprose, I did a port of "Princess Maker 2" (that is NOT abandonware, thank you very much) with three friends in 1995. Alas, that never made a proper release either.

Later that year, I started working for Working Designs, where I performed localization programming on "Iron Storm", "Dragon Force", "Albert Odyssey", and "Magic Knight Rayearth" on the Sega Saturn, and "Lunar" 1 & 2, "Silhouette Mirage" and "Vanguard Bandits" for the Sony Playstation.

Realizing that my career had come to a standstill, I jumped ship to 3DO briefly for "Portal Runner", which was so bad that I had my name removed from the credits.

From there I went to Insomniac Games, where I worked as a senior gameplay programmer on "Ratchet and Clank" 1 and 2, and did some early work on the third game in that series before leaving that company.

As of this writing I am engaged in the development of original products for my own company. I am not looking for contract programming work at this time, but might be lured away if the project is very interesting and/or lucrative.

I am always entertaining engagements to perform using my music creation software "Rhythm Core Alpha 2"!