🐳 How many games has Beethoven been credited on? (answer)
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 I am from the southern part of Ohio (Ironton,Coal Grove). My Introduction to computers came in 1986 when I spent a summer in a local school project bringing computers (tsr80, apple 2) to rural areas.  I liked playing around but never could get into programing.  In 1987 I spent a summer with my brother who was a gaming nut.  He owned a Commadore 64.  This was where I fell in love with games.  I got to play great games like seven cities of gold, mars saga, and red storm rising.  In 1990 I got my first real PC a Tandy TL2 (286).   Since then I have owned a Tandy 3200 (486),  Techmedia P200 MMX,  Compaq PII 350 (will never buy a compaq again), a  Dell P3 700 and my newest system a Dell P4 1.6.  If I had to qualify what kind of gaming I do I would have to say a mix between Sims, adventure, military and some flight. <br><br> <br><br>

Today I am finding with games going in a different direction than before and going in a direction different from me, that I have become more a collector than a gamer. Sad but I guess all good things must come to an end.....