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Added description to Cyraid · October 29th, 2015

Take control of Warrior or Fighter (no difference between characters) as you rescue their mother Natasia from an evil scientist who tries to conquer Earth from his fortress Cyraid. Chase her captor across four stages containing multiple rooms, smashing blocks and kicking ladders to reach energy pods that reveal an exit to the next room. Enemies in each level take lives when they touch you. There are extra lives and upgrade pods that can be collected to increase speed, destroy dense blocks, jump, and even shoot missiles.

Every couple of minutes, a large rock monster stomps his way on the scene respawning blocks previously destroyed, so be careful you don't occupy the same space. The stages also feature alternative paths and boss fights. Passwords allow you to resume at the beginning of each stage.

Added description to Coco Notes · May 11th, 2011

A musical game with four modes:

  • Catch a Coco-Note - Pick notes out of a pool with your fishing pool. Once you've picked enough you can hear the band play the melody you've picked out.
  • Composin' Coco-Notes - Same game as the first, except now played with an accompaniment.
  • Beat The Clam - Race against a clam trying to claim notes from the pool and get a high score while finishing the song. Collect bonus notes for extra score and avoid the clam as he'll eat your fishing line as well.
  • Beat The Clam -- Challenge - Same game as above except the clam is much faster.
Added description to Disney Epic Mickey (Collector's Edition) · April 14th, 2011

This is a collector's edition version of Disney Epic Mickey. In addition to the basic game, the collector's edition includes:

  • Bonus Disc (8 Behind-the-scenes Featurettes, Concept Art Gallery, 4 Remastered Cartoon Shorts, Bonus Video Extras)
  • Mickey Figurine
  • Wii console Skin Set
  • Wii Remote Skin

It's all contained in a sturdy cardboard box.

Added description to Disney Epic Mickey · December 6th, 2010

Take control of Mickey Mouse as he travels back through the looking glass to right the wrongs of the past. He enters a world twisted by the Blot and ruled by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. You'll meet many forgotten characters from Disney's past.

Mickey is armed with a magic brush that is capable of painting scenery or using thinner to take it away. Choose your path wisely as depending on how you change the world, many areas will become sealed off. Aim with the Wii Remote, shake it to spin around and attack anything nearby. Tap the thinner or paint button for a quick burst spray, or hold down the button to aim the paint more precisely. Later, you'll unlock the ability to draw actual objects into the world, called sketches, that can distract enemies or even slow them to crawl.

Added description to Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri · December 3rd, 2010

This is an improved port of the PSP game Tokobot. It's the same game as the PSP title, but includes many extras. There are 10 new stages that include a Treasure Hunting mini-game that will unlock new Tokobot and Bolt upgrades. More characters have been added to the story, including an instructor and a new rival. Six new boss enemies can be found throughout the game. Lastly, there's a time attack mode that can be unlocked, and while playing in this mode, you'll find many treasures not found anywhere else.

Added description to Golden Axe: Beast Rider · November 15th, 2010

Golden Axe: Beast Rider is the first game in the series played in a 3D world. The player is again tasked to fight against Death Adder. This is accomplished by taking control of Tyris Flare, the Amazon. Unlike the other games, there's no choice of character, although Gilius Thunderhead the dwarf and Tarik the Ax Battler do make cameo appearances as NPCs. There are three modes of play; the main game is played through a campaign mode, there is a challenge mode where previously completed levels are played again, and there's an arena trials mode where the enemies in a level are fought in an arena style environment.

There are two types of attacks, a quick attack and a powerful attack. You can choose to parry or evade enemy strikes, each is used for the appropriate type of attack. There's also jumps, kicks, and magic. While riding a beast, you can choose a normal, special, or ranged attack.

Added description to Forever Kingdom · November 15th, 2010

Forever Kingdom is the prequel to Evergrace set directly before those events. The player controls Darius (the main character), Ruyan (the childhood friend), and Faeana (the amnesiac). While traveling the party comes upon a strange girl named Solca, who is summarily kidnapped by an evil wizard named Darsul. During that event, the party is cursed by Darsul, and they now share 1 life bar.

Battles occur in real-time, and the player can freely switch controls to any of the three characters. Skills are gained through equipping items. Each character is assigned a button and can use their skills by pressing that button. Using multiple skills from each character can result in combos that give bonus damage.

Added description to Blue Dragon Plus · November 15th, 2010

Blue Dragon Plus is a sequel to Blue Dragon.

Join Shu once again as he attempts to save the world. The game begins one year after the events of Blue Dragon. A mysterious three-headed dragon named Balaur appears from a cube that was once hidden in the planet's core. Balaur's coming indicates bad times once again, so Shu gathers his friends and they are off to investigate.

Battles take place in real-time. Spells are used by summoning each character's shadow. The player can control the game entirely with the stylus.

Added description to Video Easel · February 9th, 2008

Video Easel is an early drawing game that allows the player to create a basic design. The computer AI then expands on this and continually creates ever evolving graphics much like a screen saver might look like. It uses Conway's Game of Life to generate the continuing patterns. It will continue forever, or until you reset to create a new image for the computer to run away with.

Added description to Yu-Gi-Oh!: World Championship 2007 · January 7th, 2008

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 is based on the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX but there is no real plot in this game. It is a simulated environment to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible card game. Play vs. the AI in regular, limited, and themed battle, or challenge the various puzzles where you must win in one turn with the cards given to you. In addition to playing against the game AI, you can challenge other players online through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. The game allows you to change the appearance of your avatar through various hair, shirt, and VR disc styles. Earn points by winning battles; the points act as currency and allow you to purchase small booster packs increasing the size of your card library.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a collectible card game where two players battle by using monster, trap, and spell cards. The rules have changed over time, but in this game both players start with 8,000 life points. There are many ways to win, the most common through damage, which brings your opponent's life points to 0. If you're not able to draw a card you lose. Also, there are certain cards that give you special win conditions. The field is restricted though to only allow 5 trap and/or spell cards and 5 monster cards. Deck size is a minimum of 40 cards.

Each player takes turns that are broken down into phases (draw, standby, main, battle, main 2, and end phase). The main actions take place during the two main phases and the battle phase. To begin, the players draw 5 cards. Each player draws a card during their own draw phase. Some cards have special effects that occur during the standby phase; otherwise, nothing happens during this phase, although some cards can be activated during this time as well. The main phases allow the current player to make any number of special summons, set any number of trap cards, play or set any number of spell cards and make one tribute, normal, or set summon.

During the battle phase each player can attack with any of their face up attack position monsters on the field, but this phase is skipped for the player that goes first. The end phase is a clean up phase and a time for any last minute actions. If the current player has more than six cards in hand, then they must discard down to six cards.

Added description to King's Field: The Ancient City · July 20th, 2006

Many years ago, a powerful talisman known as Idol of Sorrow turned the ancient Holy Land, the home of the Forest Folk, into the cursed Land of Disaster. The idol's evil powers once again awakened when the king of Heladin mistook it for a symbol of peace. One day, Prince Devian of Azalin Empire is visited by a mysterious stranger. The stranger hands him the Idol of Sorrow, and before long Devian realizes that he has been entrusted with the difficult task of taking the idol back to the Land of Disaster and finding a way to remove the curse.

The Ancient City is a first-person action role-playing game and the fourth entry in the King's Field series. Its core gameplay mechanics are similar to those of the predecessors: the player must explore vast interconnected areas and fight hostile creatures and weapons and magic. There are four types of weapons in the game: swords, clubs, axes, and bows. Repeatedly attacking with the same weapon raises its level, eventually allowing more powerful attacks with it. Magic is handled in a similar way, with spells increasing in power and raising Devian's magic points when used. Weapons and armor slowly deteriorate, but a blacksmith can repair them. Like in the previous games, every NPC can be attacked and killed. As opposed to the predecessors, the protagonist can swim underwater for a limited amount of time.

Added description to Video Checkers · July 14th, 2006

In this classic game of checkers you can play with your friend or many different levels of computer AI. Mastering all of them will take skill and strategy, as well as a bit of luck. Video Checkers follows the standard checkers rules with the following rules: if there is a jump available, you must take it and if you get to king's row and are promoted, you cannot move again that turn but must wait for your next turn.

Game variations
Games 1 through 9 are regular checkers, from easiest to hardest in which the object is to capture or block all your opponents pieces.
Game 10 is a two player game.
Games 11 through 19 are giveaway checkers, from easiest to hardest, in which the object of the game is to lose or be unable to move any of your pieces.

Difficulty switches

Left switch:
Set to A=Set up board as you want.

Set to B=Will be set up for normal play.

Right switch
Set to A=Right player in a two player game or computer player a one player game is black and starts the game.
Set to B=Left player in a two player game or human player a one player game is black and starts the game.

Added description to Universal Chaos · July 14th, 2006

Take control of a tank in enemy territory. As you navigate the columns and rows, you'll need to avoid crashing into enemy tanks while you blow them to smithereens. Catch the bonus while on your hunt for some added points and a brief reprieve from the fast paced action. The more tanks you take out, the more furious the enemy will be after you. There are four difficulty levels and the option to have two players play competitively, each taking their turn.

Added description to Submarine Commander · July 14th, 2006

You're the commander of a submarine in enemy waters. Use your skills, radar, and luck to take down the enemy ships. With 8 difficulty settings there is a lot of the game to master as you must start to keep an eye on your fuel, torpedoes, radar, and enemy while avoiding depth charges as the difficulty rises. You can fire up to two torpedoes at a time. While enemy shows go by your periscope sink as many as you can. The periscope can turn 360 degrees and look off into the horizon or close to your sub. Some ships move slower than others, and one of the ships moves so fast that the only way to hit it is by tracking it by radar instead of visually.

Added description to Math Gran Prix · July 14th, 2006

Get ready for a math race. Your fuel, correctly answer math questions. Your car, a carefully tuned racing car that can move 2 to 3 spaces depending on how hard the math problem is. The track contains many triggers that can give extra spaces, extra turns, and even keep your car on the track. There are areas in the track where a car coming from behind can knock you off, to get back answer a math problem correctly. In the end, the one with the most math skills and greatest planning effort will win the checkered flag.

Difficulty switches

Left switch for player one, right switch for player two.

Set to A for time limit (one minute for addition and subtraction, two minutes for multiplication and division).

Set to B for no time limit.

Game variations

Games one, four and seven are easy

Games two, five and eight are medium

Games three, six and nine are hard

Games one, two and three contain only addition and subtraction problems

Games four, five and six contain only multiplication and division problems

Games seven, eight and nine contain all four math problem types.

Added description to Glacier Patrol · July 14th, 2006

Defend the earth from an alien mother ship with a sinister plot to cover the surface of the planet with ice. Your weapon, a super heated laser able to melt the ice as it falls from the sky above. Dodge snowballs by jumping over them as you blast the ice blocks. If you get hit by a growing snowball, you'll have to sit it out for a little bit to gather your wits, while ice blocks continue to cover the landscape. In two-player games, which ever player is not the human will control the alien ship, dropping the ice.

Added description to Double Dunk · July 14th, 2006

Play a fast paced two-on-two game of half court basket ball. Using only half the court means you need to be more careful not to lose the ball, or to miss easy shots when an opponent is close. With multiple game styles and possible plays each game is something different. 3-point shots and fouls can be toggled on or off. Also, you have the option to change the colors of each team's uniforms.

Added description to Lagoon · April 13th, 2004

In the far off world of Lakeland, all was peaceful. This was until an evil being known as Zerah came and polluted all of the water, making people very sick. You play as Nasir, 'The Champion of Light', and are sent into the world to destroy the demons that seem to be linked to the muddy waters. On your quest of good you'll come across people in need and help them.

Lagoon is an action role-playing game. The hero is able to attack, jump, and cast magic. Defeating enemies in action-based combat grants the player character experience points, eventually leading to leveling up. The hero can also equip weapons and armor of various kinds.

Added description to Hydlide · April 12th, 2004

An evil demon named Varalys casts a curse upon the princess Ann, turning her into three fairies. You control Sir Jim and set out to find the fairies, and then slay Varalys. Only by vanquishing Varalys can the curse be lifted. Once the princess is restored the kingdom will be saved.

Hydlide is an action game with strong role-playing elements. The player has to explore vast wilderness areas, descending into dungeons and eliminating enemies on the way. Combat system is similar to the one implemented in Ys series: attacking enemies requires the player to "bump" into them, at the same time preventing them from attacking the playable character from the sides and the back. The player can change between defensive and offensive stances by pressing a single button. Magic spells can also be used to dispose of the enemies. The player character grows stronger and gains better parameters as he advances in the game.

Added description to The Adventures of Gilligan's Island · April 12th, 2004

The plot is based on a TV sitcom of the 60's named Gilligan's Island. Your ship crashed on a deserted island, and now you must get back to civilization. The stranded people on the island are: Gilligan and the Skipper ( the crew of the ship), a millionaire and his wife, a professor, and Mariann who is a homely Midwest U.S.A. girl.

Despite the name, you'll be playing as the Skipper. Gilligan follows you around as a comedic relief sidekick. The game is divided into four episodes; the goal is always to locate all crew members in a limited amount of time. To do so the two heroes have to navigate the maze-like island and collect items - every found character provides hints for the next step.

There are also a lot of dangers which have to be faced: wild animals and headhunters can be fought with your bare hands and fallen rocks or obstacles on the ground have to be avoided. A common nuisance are holes in the ground which lead to the underground caves: Gilligan is likely to fall into these. If this happens Skipper has two minutes to get Gilligan back. There are three items which help Skipper on his quest: bananas replenish his health, hourglasses give extra time and the rope is used to get Gilligan back instantly.

Added description to Tombs & Treasure · April 12th, 2004

Tombs & Treasure is an enhanced version of the earlier computer release of Taiyō no Shinden: Asteka II.

The story in this version is more detailed than in the original release. Professor Imes was a famous archaeologist particularly interested in the old Mayan civilization. Having heard of a powerful artifact known as the Sun Key, which is apparently able to unlock the secrets of the Maya, professor assembled a team and traveled to the ruins of Chichen Itza. However, he and his team have mysterious disappeared; only his guide Jose was able to escape, delivering the news to the professor's daughter.

Unlike in the original release, the player character travels to the Yucatan with the daughter of Professor Imes and the guide Jose. Both have special abilities which are sometimes needed to solve puzzles: the young woman is musically talented, and Jose is able to move heavy objects. Due to these changes, some of the locations and puzzles have been altered in this version.

Another significant gameplay change is the introduction of role-playing elements. Solving puzzles and defeating demons in turn-based combat grants the protagonist experience points. Even though combat is very sparse in the game, taking on stronger foes can be futile if the player hasn't gathered enough experience by completing other tasks beforehand.

Added description to Where's Waldo? · April 12th, 2004

Waldo has a ticket to the Moon and needs the players help to get him to his destination.

Based on the popular Where's Waldo series of books. Your goal is to find Waldo in various pictures in order to progress through the game.

The pictures are still images the size of the screen in the Easy and Practice levels. In the Medium and Hard levels, the player has to scroll to the side to see the rest of the area. The directional buttons control a magnifying glass and once the player finds Waldo, they get to go to the next level and a new picture.

In the Practice difficulty level, there is no time limit but only the Train Station, Forest and Caves levels are available. The time limit for the other difficulty levels varies: Easy=959, Medium=659, and Hard=459.

Added description to Dragon View · April 12th, 2004

Many years ago, four brave warriors have reclaimed the magical Drakkhen tears for humanity, liberating it from the yoke of powerful dragons. Alex, a descendant of one of those heroes, enjoys a peaceful life in the town of Rysis ans is about to marry his sweetheart Katarina. However, a mysterious wizard interferes and kidnaps the young woman. Alex embarks on a quest to locate and defeat him, unraveling an even more nefarious scheme in the process.

Dragon View is an action role-playing game and a follow-up to Drakkhen. Like its predecessor, it features a 3D overworld navigated from a first-person perspective. Towns and dungeons, however, are presented as side-scrolling areas. Alex can jump and fight enemies appearing in the dungeons with a sword or other weapons he can later acquire, such as a boomerang and a bow. Experience points are awarded for vanquishing enemies, and Alex's strength and defense parameters increase when leveling up. HP and magic points increase by finding specific items. It is also possible to find magical rings and weapon upgrades.

Added description to Arcana · April 12th, 2004

In this game you play as a young boy named Rooks. He's the only one that can save the world from the evil Galneon. With the power of the cards he begins his adventure.

Arcana is a first-person RPG which focuses on the exploration of varied dungeon settings. A village serves as hub in which Rooks can visit places like a fortune teller or shops to buy items and equipment. On the world map, which does not offer free movement, he chooses his next destination where the dungeon crawl begins. The battles occur randomly and are turn-based: during each turn, the player chooses the next action of a character from a list of actions, e.g. attack or magic. Eventually the characters advance their experience level and therefore their stats.

The main visual characteristic of the game is the display of monsters and characters: everything is represented with cards. They can have an elemental attribute or not. Rooks is able to summon an elemental to aid him. He can only summon one type at a time, and he must find them before being able to summon them. Two more characters can join the party.

Added description to King Arthur's World · April 12th, 2004

This is a 2D side scrolling strategy game. You take the role of King Arthur and lead your army into battle against evil. You'll travel to many worlds including fighting dark knights, underworld orcs, and cloud giants. One of the few games that is Super NES Mouse capable.

You are given a certain amount of troops each level. Passwords are used to save your progress between levels. The levels have enemies you must thwart, traps you should avoid, and gold to be won.