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Added description to Kaan: Barbarian's Blade · May 25th, 2004

Kaan: Barbarian's Blade is a 3D action game in which the titular protagonist must recover the stolen Orb of Hope from an evil sorcerer. The hero travels to various locations, from the great Asaquan to the Syrkonian lands, and fights his way through many foes including skeletons, sorcerers, bear-men and huge monsters. Throughout the missions Kaan will have the opportunity to engage in Arena Battles to enhance his skills. To recover the stolen artifact Kaan will need to master different weapons, each with its unique combination of attacks.

Added description to Emergency Fire Response · May 13th, 2004

Emergency Fire Response takes a new spin on the tactical strategy genre. Take command of a full team of firefighters and lead them through 34 missions of intense heat. Different situations from poisonous fumes, toxic materials to rapid fire spreads require different tactics. Work with distinct firefighters and fire specialists with different skills and support vehicles to get the job done.

Experience what life is really like for firefighters. It is in your hands, to train and lead your team through the many tasks successfully and more importantly .... safely.

Added description to Enigma: Rising Tide · May 13th, 2004

Enigma: Rising Tide creates a new level of naval combat simulation by harnessing elements from RPG, first person shooters and strategy games. Experience unique and detailed naval combat, command realistic modeled ships, submarines and aircraft in a dynamic ocean environment and lay waste to your enemies. Easy to learn hard to master.

The first game to offer complete hands-free gameplay through the use of a microphone and built in Voice Command Control. Enigma: Rising Tide is sure to appeal to casual gamers and hardcore fans alike.

Added description to Universal Combat · May 13th, 2004

Universal Combat is the fifth installment in the long running Battle Cruiser Series.

The new action-based focus of Universal Combat takes the player from sea to land to space in this space simulation. One can engage in space battles, fight ground skirmishes, control naval combat and fly dog fights. The player can create his / her character choosing among 12 different races, then explore 250+ planets containing more then 21,000 areas of interest (military bases, cities, star bases).