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Liero (DOS)

One of the best games I know of

The Good
Liero has a fantastic physics engine, written by Joosa a few years ago, wich is the main reason for its success. It also has 40 diffrent weapons, all well balanced and neat. Anything from Fan to Flamer in there. Guidable missiles and smaller fast fireing rockets. Anything you want. And now some cool dudes have hacked in on the .exe and found a way to edit the weapons, so now you can make you own weapons too! There are more than one level editor today. There is the standard editor wich comes with the game. Then there is Wormhole, WorldDigger, LevTools and most recently, LieroKit wich only converts BMP files to .lev. But still great. New editors are coming. Then there are sound editors so that you can edit the sounds in Liero, and there are graphic editors to change the moving objects in Liero. You can even alter the palettes and change the colors if you want. On that you can edit fonts, set the bloodrate to 37000% instead of normal maximum 500%. And much more...! AND Liero2 is on its way and it will support multiplay over the net... so join a clan or something, coz Liero is getting BIG!!!

The Bad
Not much I dont like. It can freeze from time to time and there is a conventional memory problem for some. But Liero is suprisingly bug free.

The Bottom Line
A great game with lots of action and blood. You can play tactical or spray n' pray... its all up to you!!!! (Quoted Spray n' pray from Korivak)

By Ulvhockey on January 26th, 2001