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Hi, I'm Bregalad, etc...

I used to be passionate about old console games and hardware. I play most are japaneese games, especially old 2D action games, and RPGs. My favourite sysems are NES, SNES and PlayStation 1.

However, more recently I found myself having other occupations in live so I barely game anymore, but I still enjoy it once in a while when I can afford it. In all cases I'm not following the current trend with next-gen consoles and game at all so forgive me if I'm completely ignorant about anything recent.

The main reason for that is that I find useless to spend countless money to keep buying up recent hardware and software when the old cheap used stuff entertains just as well, and I just fell in love with the Japanese RPG genre.

I'm especially fan of the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger and other Squaresoft games, as well as most games from the Mega Man series. I also love Fire Emblem series, and Castlevania series, but got the opportunity to play only a few of those compared to all those that came out.