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Andrew Shepard @cooldrew

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About Me:

I'am a very arrid reader, and have a huge love of fantasy, science fiction, and horror I have a huge library I'm working on. I'm also into alot of things from the 80's, the 90's and today e ven. My favorite games are (you guessed it) fantasy RPGs, Science Fiction and Horror simulations, classic arcade and platform games, and gory action games (I should live in Japan, for that).

The thing I like the most about fantasy is that their are millions of fantasy games and books, it takes you into a whole new world with these different creatures and races that you wish you'd live their. Outside of fantasy I'm into a lot of animes (My favorite is Neon Genesis Evangelion), some non fiction works, romance stories, alternative and metal rock music, yoga, pilates, working out, swiming, and running.