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Added description to I Spy: Fantasy · February 14th, 2007

I Spy Fantasy is a riddle-solving game for ages 6-10, based on the popular book series by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick.

The game features 3 different fantasy locations with 18 different areas for riddles. The three locations include the Sand Castle, the Deep Blue Sea, and Outer Space. Each location has a mission for you: collect certain items by solving riddles in order to win. In space you need to find 6 fuel crystals to power your shuttle and get back home. In the medieval castle you need to free a princess guarded by a dragon by finding 6 keys and then make potion to defeat the beast. The underwater mission has you find 6 pages of a mermaid's book to locate hidden treasure.

Each location can be played 3 different times with new and even harder riddles in every new game. The riddles are read by a narrator and are different every time you replay that location. When you find everything, you will be given something you will need to win the mission.

Added description to Super Stupid Space Invaders · January 13th, 2007

Super Stupid Space Invaders is a ASCII graphic spin off of Space Invaders. You play a man who destroys aliens. However, there is no village to protect from the aliens.

In each game there are two players, and every time one player loses a life, the other player continues right where that player left off. You control a small missile firing device with you arrow keys, left and right to move back and forth, and up to fire missiles. To move on to a new level you must destroy all the aliens on the field, sometimes the aliens reproduce each level. You can also hit bonus aliens for new weapons that fire more shots. When both players lose all their lives, you get a "game over", and both players are put in the Hall of Fame. If you make it, your final standings for the game are shown including the final score, the level you made it to, your shots and hits, and your percentage.

Added description to MyMan · January 9th, 2007

MyMan is a text graphic remake of Pacman. Gameplay is simply the same as Pacman; you go around a maze eating all the dots, while avoiding ghosts. The maze has four flashing dots that make the ghosts edible when you eat them. During the first levels the ghosts stay edible longer, but when the levels continue on, they are edible for a shorter amount of time. As you progress through a level, their will be a bonus fruit somewhere in the maze; every new level, the fruit is worth more than it was the previous level.

The characters in the game are made of letters. For example, MyMan is a C, the ghosts are A's is enemy mode and m's in edible mode, and the fruits are made up as %, v, etc. When you lose all your lives you get a game over, and the game closes automatically, and there is no highscore.

Added description to Goferpop · July 25th, 2006

Goferpop is a 2D 50K shooting game in which the player shoots gophers that pop out of the ground. The game field is a row of grass and the gophers will pop out anywhere on the field. The mouse is used to move a gun back and forth and when a gopher appears the player must click the mouse in order to shoot it. The score is based on how many gophers are killed and how quickly, as measured by the "Gophers shot per hour" metric. There is no game over, but there is a high score table.

Added description to ABM · July 25th, 2006

ABM is an EGA graphic remake of Missile Command. In this game you must stop missiles from coming down to destroy Shield Generators. You can use your mouse, or your arrow keys to aim where you want to fire, then click on the mouse buttons to fire and destroy the missiles. There are infinite levels and no high score table. When you get a game over their will be Statistics showing how many missiles you destroyed and how many interceptors you launched.

Added description to Letter Targets · July 16th, 2006

Letter Targets is a freeware ASCII-style game with gameplay similar to Hangman and Wheel of Fortune. Every puzzle number has the same mechanic: you can either choose a puzzle by typing the number or you can just select play and you will get a random puzzle. The length of the word is shown in dots when you begin your puzzle, and you hit letters on your keyboard to guess and try to solve the word. After typing seven letters that are not in the word, it's game over. The game does not have a high score screen or a difficulty setting.

Added description to African Adventure · July 1st, 2006

African Adventure is a text-based game with no sound or graphics. It is a remake of African Adventure: In Search of Dr. Livingston for the Commodore 64 by Softside in September 1980. You play a man who must help search for a man named Dr. Livingston who has become lost somewhere in the darkest parts of Africa. For every action you type, all the letters must be capital, and your statement can only be two words; a verb and a noun, such as "GET BOOK" or "GO EAST". For directions you can also just enter the first letter of the word like "E" for east.

You earn points for the objects you collect. Some have to be used in other locations, or should be held onto as the game proceeds. Several helpful commands include "HINT" in case you are stuck, "LOOK" to tell you what is around you, "I" will show your inventory and what you are holding, "SCORE" shows how many points you currently have, "SAVE" to save your current game progress, "LOAD" to load a saved game, and "QUIT" end your game and display your total score. All commands should be entered in capital letters in order for the program to understand.

Added description to 8088 Othello · June 9th, 2006

8088 Othello is a four-color ASCII graphic board game similar to Reversi. The game is for 1 player and you battle against the computer to get more of your pieces on a board. In every game you only play with the black pieces. There are five levels of gameplay that go from 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest). The board you play on features coordinates in which you type in the order to pick a place for your pieces. However, your pieces will only go on lines that are either vertical, horizontal or diagonal to one of your previous pieces. You also have four options: pass, switch, unmove and quit at the main menu. The game does not feature any high scores.

Added description to Prehistoric Animals · April 23rd, 2006

Prehistoric Animals is an educational game that explains a lot about prehistoric life during the Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras. The game features hundreds of different prehistoric creatures from over ten different prehistoric time periods. There are illustrations, articles, real pictures, and even videos.

The game has five different sections for articles and videos. They include "Introduction", "Early Life", "Rise of Vertebrates", "Fossils" and "Display". It also has 10 sections to view classified groups of prehistoric species going in evolution order including Protomammals, Flying Reptiles and Ornithischian Dinosaurs.

You can look up a prehistoric creature through the database, print an article, look up an article in the index, and you can even take a quiz on different chapters. A score is shown during the quiz, but there is no difficulty level or support for highscores.

Added description to Smithsonian Institution: Dinosaur Museum · April 13th, 2006

Dinosaur Museum is an educational game that shows you the elements of a real museum and even has pictures of exhibits in The Smithsonian Institution Museum of Washington D.C. The Menu has three areas to go to Library, Conservatory and Game Room, it also includes stuff like the top 300 Dinosaur names, History of Dinosaur Paleontology from 1546-1993, Dictionary, Classification and Geologic time scale.

The Library lets you look at a dinosaur from any three time periods and lets you see them in them in Dioramas, as Skeletons, their skull appearances, a museum area that has all sorts of facts and a quiz question for every dinosaur, 3-D pictures and their life and style.

Conservatory lets you look at nine different dinosaur fact sections Cretaceous Physiography, Jurassic Physiography, Triassic Physiography, Potpourri, Myths, Extinction Theories, Contributors, Who's Who, and Dinosaurs in the movies which features movie scenes from "One Million Years B.C." (1967), "The Valley of Gwangi" (1969), "Gertie the Dinosaur" (1912), "Planet of the Dinosaurs" (1977), "The Lost World" (1925) and all that remains of "Creation" (1931).

Finally the Game Room features a Dinosaur true and false game, with 3 game levels Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, and you have to answer a certain amount of questions jugging by how long you choose the quiz to be, when you finish the quiz you have a chance to explore in a Dinosaur Hall of Fame with limited time.

Added description to Multimedia Dinosaurs · April 9th, 2006

Multimedia Dinosaurs is an educational dinosaur game, with flash animation, colorful graphics and lots of dinosaur illustrations. The menu of the game has three sections: Dinorama, Dinosaur Database and Dinosaur Silhouettes.

Dinorama is a cartoon area where you can watch flash animated cartoons of a dinosaur's life. There are 18 cartoons in total, two for each dinosaur featured.

Dinosaur Database has three educational sections in it. The Gallery section is a giant collection of 48 colorful illustrations. It lets you view one up close when you click on it on the right side. This is the educational section about those dinosaurs. The Names section has a list of 50 dinosaur names that can help you locate the dinosaur that you are trying to find in the gallery section, and lists two new dinosaurs that were not shown in the gallery. The choose section has four dinosaur fact groups that help you identify a dinosaur by its size, how it ate, what time period it lived in and what continent it lived on.

Dinosaur Silhouettes is a game in which you have to identify a dinosaur that has been completely blackened. The game does not have different difficulty levels, continually goes on and there is no highscore.

Added description to Dr. Rudy · March 18th, 2006

Dr. Rudy is a clone of Nintendo's Dr. Mario.

You have a Tetris-like board with three different types of viruses. Your job is to get rid of them by putting four or more of the same colored pill on each of them. The pills are colored red, blue, yellow, and green. If you pile different colored pills on other different colored pills, they will not disappear. If the pills pile up to the top without disappearing, the game is over.

1 or 2 players can play the game. There are three different graphic video modes to choose from VGA, CGA or Text mode. There are 15 levels to choose from and a level difficulty of easy, advanced or expert. There is also a highscore for fifteen names in the game.

Added description to Dragon Ball Z: Sagas · March 5th, 2006

Dragon Ball Z: Sagas is an action game that tells how the story of Dragon Ball Z began. Players can choose between six different heroes from the show, such as Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo. Their mission is to recreate the elements of the Saiyan-Cell Games Sagas. Along the way, they must fight evil enemies, as well as collect Z-Coins, to achieve new abilities and moves, and Capsules, which give more fighting power and energy. Some areas end with a boss fight (Raditz, Nappa, Captain Ginyu, Frieza, and Cell).

The single-player mode features three difficulty levels. The game also has a co-op mode, where any chapter from the single-player mode can be selected, but with a higher difficulty level.

Added description to Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs · February 25th, 2006

Climb on board the Magic School Bus and join the enthusiastic and indefatigable Mrs. Frizzle and her class on a trip back to the age of the dinosaurs!

The game features three prehistoric time periods the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous and seven areas Argentina, Arizona, Colorado, Tanzania, the Tethys Sea, Alberta, and Mongolia--to explore. Throughout the background, each time zone has various dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures to learn about.

Meanwhile back on the bus, there is so much to see and try. A map of the world shows you many sites where several fossils have been found. A nest with two joking dinosaurs which provides educational content as well as jokes, and a report zone, which has illustrations, pictures, and even clips from the PBS television series "The Dinosaurs". The reports tell about dinosaur behavior, myths, body parts, and how fossils are found. An X-ray lets you look at the skulls of different dinosaurs, and, best of all, there are lots of games and puzzles to solve. When you solve something in the game, you might get awarded "paleo" cards. These "paleo" cards are placed in a gallery, and they provide facts about what time period these dinosaurs lived in, their size and weight.

The game also has a plot that involves helping the Friz get some photos she lost after her last trip of time traveling. The space in the photo album will give you hints about where to find the creature and what it looks like. After you find all the missing photos, the Friz will give you a mask of a Tyrannosaurus, an Apatosaurs, or a Pterodactylus.

Added description to Battleship · February 22nd, 2006

This is a shareware version of the classic board game Battleship by Milton Bradley.

Two players have a grid of boxes. You use your mouse to decide where your ships should go, and compete to try to find and sink your opponents ships.

There is a win record menu that tells how many time you won and lost or drew. Options include whether the game has a 10 x 10 or 15 x 15 board, and allow you to choose between a single shot or salvo shooting, and whether you can use Cluster bombs, Cruise missiles and Smart Bombs, and you can use Ship resources or Fleet resources. There are Beginner, Intermediate or Expert skill levels, and you can decide who goes first, with the option of this being decided randomly.

Added description to Humongous Classics Collection · February 21st, 2006

A compilation of the three classic kids games created by Humongous Entertainment.

Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon Putt-Putt Joins the Parade Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise

The three games are in their original looks, and includes demos of other Humongous Entertainment games.

Added description to Number Munchers Tribute · February 15th, 2006

This is a shortened tribute to the original Number Munchers made by Mecc. It is an educational game for grades 3-8. It teaches you six different types of math multiples, factors, primes, equality, inequality and challenge. Their are unlimited levels and their is a highscore along with the game. The game still features all the troggles and their is a safety grid to keep you safe from getting eaten by the troggles, it will also make the troggles disappear if they touch it.

The game does not feature any cartoon shorts after every three levels like in the original version. There is also a different menu and everything moves faster than in the original version.

Added description to United States Quiz · February 13th, 2006

United States Quiz is a freeware educational game that quizzes the player on the most important aspects of the states in the United States. There are ten quizzes one can take categorized as: guessing States' capitols, Largest cities, Abbreviations, Songs, Birds, Flowers, Mottoes, Nicknames, Dates of entry and Ranks of entry into the Union. Each of these quizzes features a timer counting down the player's chance to get the answers right. If an incorrect or misspelled answer is given it can be corrected later. Strict spelling can be toggled, as can the sound.

Added description to Disney's Dinosaur Activity Center · February 11th, 2006

Disney's Dinosaur Activity Center is a collection of five games games with gameplay similar to parts from the film. Their are actual stills, 3D additional new scenes and even some quotes from the film.The five games include Lemur Love Match, Colossal Fossil Face off, Stracosaurus Spelunker, Iguanodon Pond-a-thon and Line O' Dinos Puzzle Maker. Some games have level selection that go from either 1-3 or 1-60. Others might have timing or help.

Colossal Fossil Face off is a chess like game with three levels 1,2 and 3 that go from easy, to very hard. As the herbivores you have to protect an egg and get one back that was stolen by then carnivores. Everytime you win a game you will earn a factcard about prehistoric facts, the Cretaceous period or the dinosaurs that appear in the movie. Zini the Lemur will also help you if you don't understand it.

Lemur Love match is a puzzle game where you have to match flowers that are the same color and you get timed and may advance in to higher levels.

Stracosaurus Spelunker is a game where you crash rocks to get out of a cave. You have to get either three or more of the same number of rocks, with the same number of circles. Their are also Carnotasaur rocks and light sunlight rocks.

Iguanodon Pond-a-thon is a game similar to lines and boxes where you can play as either Emma the stracosaurus and Bayleen the Brachiosaur or Kron the Iguanodon and try to line an area with water. The gameplay is timed.

Line O' Dinos Puzzle Maker is a game where you write a story about your own dinosaur using other dinosaurs parts and giving it your own sound, story and then you have to make a picture by doing a puzzle.

Added description to I Can Be a Dinosaur Finder · February 4th, 2006

I can be a Dinosaur Finder is an educational game that shows children how a paleontologist works. You join Eddie the Kangaroo, Katie the Chameleon and Roofus the dog and meet a famous paleontologist named Dr. Rockhound, only to find him disappointed that he can't find his needed fossil.

Who can Dr. Rockhound count on to help him find the missing fossil? You can, with the help of your animal friends. Dr. Rockhound will give you a map to travel to where in the world that creature exsisted, one of the areas may have a tent to show where you are already or a flag to show that you already looked in that area.

When you try to dig the fossil up there will be three tools a jackhammer, a pickaxe and a brush, you must use each tool in an order. Sometimes after you uncover the rock you might get a little surprise that will either be a funny prehistoric short or a fact about prehistoric life. If you get to any fossils Eddie, Katie or Roofus might tell you when to use another tool. After you uncover the whole fossil you have assemble it. If you get the wrong fossil Dr. Rockhound will always give you another chance to find the needed fossil. After you find the needed fossil and finish assembling it they will have a short movie with that prehistoric animal and their will be an explanation about its life and personality. You can also look around the screen for highlighting images that may hold some Prehistoric life information.

Besides looking for the missing fossil the game has nine prehistoric animal games that include Creature Maker, Hidden Picture, Dino Diner, Pangea Puzzle, Mix Match, Compass Caper, Dino Paint, Jurassic Jam and Creature Time match you can play the games at the activity center, or while you are digging up the lost fossil you can go to whatever two or one games are listed at the lower corner. It also has bios about famous Paleontologists and has a timeline that gives all time periods from the Cambrian to the Quaternary period, when you click on one their will be an illustration of the time period and an explanation about it.

Added description to Putt-Putt Travels Through Time · February 3rd, 2006

Putt-Putt goes to visit his friend Mr. Firebird and show him his new school supplies before Putt-Putt goes to school. Putting a nickel into Mr. Firebird's time machine turns the machine on, sucking Pep and Putt-Putt's school supplies into four eras of the past and the future.

You and Putt-Putt have to travel into the Time of Dinosaurs, the Medieval Times, the Wild West and the Future, so Putt-Putt can be reunited with his things. Along the way you must collect items that you will need to get your things back, meet some new friends and solve difficult puzzles.

Some friends you will meet are Mr. Brachiosaurus, Silverado Sam, King Chariot and Darien the librarian and some needed items are a stone bowl, fire wood, a rope and some custom made pet food.

Added description to 3-D Dinosaur Adventure: Anniversary Edition · January 31st, 2006

The Anniversary Edition is a re-release of the original game 3-D Dinosaur Adventure. New to this version is a separate disc with a small program called "Art-a-Saurus" which lets the player make pictures using paint, moving dinosaurs or non moving ones, music and lots of backgrounds to choose from. Also included with the package is an authentic fossil.

3D Dinosaur Adventure is an educational game that gives info about Dinosaurs and early life on earth. Their are nine activities featured in the game including: "Save the Dinosaur", "Dinosaur movies" and "3D Dinosaur Museum", "Create a Saurus", "Photo Safari", "Dinosaur Encyclopedia", "Name a Saurus", "Make a Match" and "Dinosaur Storybook".

When you pick the game you want to play you will have a ride through one of three timezones Triassic Tour, Jurassic Jungle and Cretaceous Corner. Each of them have 3D Dinosaurs in the background and give detail of what it was like during the time period. Their is also a help section that shows a whole map of the time area and tells you what prehistoric animals appear in that area.

Added description to Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" · January 30th, 2006

The evil Goat William the Kid is trying to get rid of all milk by flooding the capitol of Washington D.C by pouring a whole lot of milk on it. Who can stop this ghastly goat? Fox, SPY Fox sent by SPY CORPS.

You travel to one of the Greek Islands to solve puzzles and find a way to stop William the Kid with the help of Monkey Penney, Quack and Mr. Uterley the owner of A Malgomated MOO Juice company. With the help of Spy Gadgets given to you by Quack such as the Laser Toothbrush, Spy Nickel and Suction cuff links, you will discover secrets and find a good way to stop William the kids plans for flooding the capitol.

Each game has a different type of gameplay with different gadgets to use. There is a save and load system, and entertainment options from Spy Fox's Spy Watch.

Added description to LEGOLAND · January 23rd, 2006

LEGOLAND is an educational game that shows how to build a good park. You get the job as a park manager at a LEGOLAND Park. Professor Voltage creates a time machine, and when showing it to all the other park employees, the time machine breaks and the park blows up. As park manager you, the loudspeaker man Johnathon Ablebody, and Professor Voltage have to rebuild the park and make it better than before.

Johnathon will give you five tutorial levels to show you the main aspects for a good park, after you've finished all of them you will have to pass twelve levels. In these levels you will have four themes LEGOLAND, Wild West, Castle and Adventure to pick for attractions and scenery you will have to build around your park. The park will need to have enough of everything: shops, scenery, rides, food stores and, most importantly, a power station to give everything power. In the beginning you have ten chances to pass an appraisal by the main park inspector and ten minutes in between each appraisal, though you get fewer appraisals in later levels. The park also has gardeners and mechanics to water plants and fix rides needed for repairing.

The game also features a free play game, where their are no appraisals to pass, infinite money and you can design the park anyway you want. There are also clips showing what the LEGOLAND amusement parks in California, Windsor and Billund are like.

Added description to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe · January 8th, 2006

Experience the world of C.S Lewis and Andrew Adamson's book and film. Play as Susan, Edmund, Lucy and Peter from the film, and journey through the Professor's house, the forests of Narnia, and escape the attack on London during World War II.

Depending on which level you're playing, you'll be able to play as at least two of the four children, although some levels require you to use all four. The four children all have different special abilities. Peter is the strongest of the bunch, so you can use him for fighting off enemies or breaking through barriers. Susan is a ranged fighter and she can throw arrows, tennis balls, and snowballs. Edmund is a decent melee fighter who can climb trees and walk on ice without breaking it. Lucy has the ability to heal the other children, go through small spaces and stand on big snowballs, and make them roll. During each level, you can switch between characters at any time.

Scattered throughout the levels are coins, pink and green gems, and hidden shields that will give ratings at the end of the levels, ranging from fair to outstanding.

Added description to GeoSafari: Animals · January 2nd, 2006

Geosafari: Animals is an educational game about animals for ages 8 and up. There are sixteen games available: Animal Hall of Fame, Shark!, Animals Sound Off!, Geosafari Dog Show, Skulls, Name that Bird Call, Reptiles, Micro Mysteries, Horse Round-Up, Endangered Animals, Animal Art Gallery, Whale Watch, Animal Eye-D, Weird World of Animals and GeoChallenge. There are pictures, illustrations and even videos.

One to four people can play the game simultaneously. Typing in your name is not necessary because their is a list of names by alphabet. If your name is not there, you can select a nickname. In each game you get three tries to answer a question and the reponse time is taken into account. You can also adjust the game time to make sessions longer or shorter. Aside from the standard mode, you can also play takeover (correct other players' wrong answers) or free for all where players buzz in to answer the question.

The game features a glossary with all the featured animals. If you get every question right, you win a medal, and if you win medals in every game you receive a trophy.

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