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Treasure Cove! + Treasure Mountain! (Windows 3.x)

By Andrew Shepard on September 15th, 2017

Godzilla: Save the Earth (PlayStation 2)

This game makes me want to destroy "Destroy All Monsters Melee"!

The Good
This game was totally incredible and a big improvement on Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee! It has great new features, new monsters and a whole lot more. I’m happy to explain it all so let’s begin.

One thing I really like that they changed was the opening sequence, it looks much better than the one in the previous game even though it is shorter. I like how it is all CGI without using the graphics used while playing the game, it looks real good. Also the actions of the people and the monsters look better and more realistic than in the old introduction.

This game also takes on a bunch of really neat features that were not in the old game. For example the new monsters selected for the roster really do go beyond the roster for Destroy All Monsters Melee. It features six new monsters: Jet Jaguar, Mothra (Playable), Baragon, Moguera, Megaguirus, and Mecha-Godzilla 3(New if you never played the X-Box version of Destroy All Monsters Melee). It even gives Ebirah and Battra a chance to make an appearance even if they are unplayable. Though the number of new monsters may not be as much as the roster to say Super Smash Brothers Melee the monsters at least have really accurate physical looks that they have in the movies and enough moves to last a lifetime.

Another neat feature of this game is the modes of play it has, and even better one mode may contain more than the other depending on how difficult it may be. This game brings back Action Mode (Which was called Adventure Mode in the old game.), Survival mode, Versus mode, Melee mode, Team battle and Destruction mode, but they are much better in this game. In the old game you could only do Team Battle and Destruction mode if you had 3 or more players, but now you can play just by yourself and play against a computer character now that’s neat! The best change that was done is how they expanded Action Mode with more monsters to fight and with mini games for extra points in between certain battles. Even the three difficulties have each gotten better. Medium contains even more monsters to battle and more mini games to play than easy does, and hard is even longer. Also in action mode you have a mission to collect a total of 5 G-cells in each battle and each will offer extra points at the end. The cities also look very realistic and they were put together really well

In Destroy All Monsters Melee you got new monsters, cities, and gallery photos by beating certain games with certain monsters, and collecting Atari pieces by destroying buildings in hard level. In this game however none of that is necessary all you have to do is now purchase that stuff by simply buying them with the points you get by winning battles in action mode. No more taking forever to find an Atari piece at hard level by waisting your time destroying buildings.

It’s also good how they added new power ups and changed the rage attacks for some monsters. Now both Godzilla 90’s and 2000 may have most of the same attacks, but their rage attacks are different making them both more unique. This game brings back the air-strike power up that when you picked it up summoned Mothra to come to your aid, but she would attack you with your lightning until you hit her with your own beam. This game however has either a military jet or Battra come to your aid and they don’t attack you the whole battle even though you can still get rid of them by striking them with your own beam. I’m also glad this game still has the rage attacks, which make you more powerful and give you a really strong attack that can only be used in Rage Mode and only used once.

The Bad
While the game features many good improvements it gets rid of certain things from the first game that I thought were great.

With the monsters, though they may look physically accurate as they do in the movies their move characteristics may appear completely inaccurate. For example: Gigan never had an eyebeam in any of the movies he appeared in, since when does Jet Jaguar shoot a beam from his hands, and gee didn’t the 70s Mecha-Godzilla have rocket fingers and a moment where he used every attack he possessed? I never saw the 90s version of Mecha-Godzilla do that. Though it gives the monsters new moves which may make them seem more powerful, its like a movie based on a book featuring everything that book has, but get criticized by fans for adding things not in the book.

Also even though the roster looks real good, their are a few things that I’m sure could’ve been done to make it even better. This game features two Godzilla the 90s version and the 2000s version, but neither Godzilla has a major difference other than their rage attacks, neither one is stronger than the other. This means that their could’ve been space in the roster for a different monster instead of two of the same monster that just have different physical features. I also don’t like how both King Ghidorah and Mecha-King Ghidorah both have the same rage attack, where they circle in the air shooting lightning. While it seems just fine for them to give that attack to King Ghidorah they truly could’ve given Mecha-King Ghidorah a different rage attack like the Godzilla Grappler he used in “Godzilla v.s. King Ghidorah”, also make the 90s Mecha-Godzilla accurate by giving him say the G-Crusher for his rage attack. The rage attacks for some of the monster from the first game also look rather bland in some instances. I don’t like how they modified Gigan’s spinning attack by removing the red that comes from his spinning blades with tiny yellow dots it just looks plain boring and less intense.

The battle modes may also be better in some ways, but also leave out some old good things. In Adventure mode in the old game after the battle they would show a replay of how the opponent was defeated, but this game does not have that feature. Also I don’t like how the narrator changes his voice tone with certain monsters sometimes he louder and sometimes he says it as if the monster looks ugly. In destruction mode and team battle in the old game you could practically select any arena to fight in, but this game only has a few that you can fight in for those two modes, in fact some of these arenas are downright tiny and include very few building to destroy. That’s just not fair at all. I also don’t like how that in Action mode there is only one video at the beginning, and in the first game their was a video at the beginning, and before and after the final battle, but in this game you will be taken into the final battle without an introduction into the level.

The Bottom Line
I think the Atari company did a real good job on this game. It's the perfect game for any Godzilla or Japanese Monster fan and contains just as much action as a monster movie. Though it is really violent in some ways I think they game would be fun for practically any age, because their is no blood or gore. So if you love monsters or Godzilla, I say give it a go!

By Andrew Shepard on February 18th, 2008

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Wii)

A Great Way to get into Guitar!

The Good
Guitar Hero has certainly felt like a big turning point in my life. This game changed my interest in music, and now I’m into Heavy Metal and Rock from any decade. It got me into the Sex Pistols, Queens of the Stone Age, and Pink Floyd. The neat feature of this game is the variety of music it features for you to perform, from the 70s (“Schools Out” by Alice Cooper), 80’s (“One” by Metallica), 90’s (“Bulls on Parade” by Rage against the Machine) and the 2000s (“Anarchy in the U.K.” by Sex Pistols). One good thing about this feature was that it got my parents into this game because they like a lot of the songs featured in the game. The music kind of brings back memories of the old decades even if you were not even born back then. In fact when you select a song from the list most of the songs at the top are from older decades, and most of the songs from the bottom are from more recent decades that neat too. This way the player can learn a bit of an evolution of rock and rock.

One other interesting thing this game has is the way the songs are sung and how the sound effects are used in the game. They sound pretty close to the original version and the instrument sound match what the sounds would be in real life to. Also when playing the guitar it is pretty neat when you hit a note a guitar sound is made and if you miss a note the sound disappears until you hit the next note.

There is also one neat feature about the graphics and one that is bad. The good is that in the 3D environments the performers, the people in the crowd, where the concert is taking place etc, look pretty well drawn and realistic. The actions of the performers look very well developed to. For example when you perform the song the performers in the game do neat actions like jump around, and point their guitar in all directions showing how excited they are to be performing. Also when you perform well you can hear good reactions from the audience, and the performers act positive after the song. If you perform bad you hearing bad reactions from the audience, and if you fail the performers act negative and might throw their instrument on the ground with anger.

The game developers were also did a good thing with the certain variety of ways to play the game. The four modes easy, medium, hard, and expert are put together really well. Easy has three buttons to hit and is done at a beginner’s pace. Medium has four buttons to hit and is done at a little faster pace. Hard has all five buttons, and is even faster. Expert (Which in my opinion is where anyone who has really played a guitar before should start this game at. Not easy.) also uses all five buttons and is done at the fastest pace of all the levels. Besides the choice of level I also like how you can do Quick Play mode with all the songs you perform in the game and all four levels so you can see what it is like to play that level in the real game. The bonus songs you can play when you purchase them are also a neat addition to this game. I’m also thankful for the fact that this game has a tutorial mode, (If you’re having trouble with the game even in quick play.) this way you can play the song at a certain speed and see where the keys will always be in that difficulty. Speaking of which I like how in each difficulty their may be different buttons to hit in a certain part of the song, so this way in one difficulty you may start the song by hitting just the red button, and in another you may have to start by hitting the red and yellow buttons. Career mode features good challenges to make guitar hero less like a hit the key and get a scholarship game. For example if at one point in the game you get less than 65% key hit you fail like you would on a test and that was common for me when getting used to the game even on easy. Also the three guitar battles you have to battle in have a neat feature with battle power where you and the boss try to make each other have trouble playing to show who the best is. Last, but not least this game has a good store where you can buy songs, new characters, new guitars, and more. No matter which band leader bought the songs in career mode anyone can use them in Quick Play.

The Bad
As I stated before this game does have a good thing about its graphics and a bad thing. The bad thing about the graphics are even if the 3D art looks neat, the hand drawn 2D art look as terrible as the artwork in many of today’s new cartoons on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. I mean the colors look bland and the people look like mere stickers in the backgrounds. This really could’ve used improvement. In fact why can’t the hand-drawn cut scenes be 3D to? I also notice this sometimes after you perform well, the instrument one of the performers was playing may float away from them (I’ve seen happen very few times though.).

The Bottom Line
I think this game will be a great way for rock fan who are only familiar to today's rock to get more into older forms of rock, and it will be a great way for them to get into playing an instrument, like it has for me.

Like an educational game it may also get the player to just eagerly try a harder level and improve their performance.

All hail the Guitar Hero!

By Andrew Shepard on February 17th, 2008

The Adventures of Captain Comic (DOS)

A fun game, but it can use a little more.

The Good
This game has a good mix of fantasy, science fiction, heroism, and humor in it. It has a superhero with a funny name who goes to a planet named after a type of computer. He has to recover three treasures commonly used in fantasy stories that were stolen from another planet (that name is really cosmo spelled backwards). Michael sure used many good tricks while making this game.

Michael also does well with his use of story setting, items, and enemies. Rather than having a planet with one type of landscape, he combines several lands including a medieval castle landscape, an alien moon, and an indoor space station, which make the game interesting. Instead of aliens, goblins, and robots, Michael uses other types of enemies like evil birds, evil bees, evil toads, little UFOs, atoms, and even beach balls, which aren't used in most games and make the game even more fun. As for the items, some, like the jumping boots, are commonly used in Mario games, but like everything else in the game, most are not common in other games. The game graphics are old, but they look really colorful and are brighter than most 80's games. I think the game is really fun.

The Bad
Although this game is fun it really leaves plenty of room for other things. Every time you start a new game everything is the same. The Difficulty level is the same; there is no option to make the game easier or harder, and the levels always have items and enemies in the same places. The pause menu only has a quit option, rather than other choices like sound on/off, clear high score, and load/save. Michael also could have added a more challenging way to get the treasures when you come up to them, like solve a puzzle, or fight a boss. Also, if it's a planet with a castle, a space station, and several indoor areas, why are there no people and only animals? The story also could have gone into a little more detail, like show whatever stole the treasures.

While the graphics are alright, the sound effects and music are really lacking. A lot of it is very brief and quiet, and the theme song is a Marine Corps theme. I 'm sure Michael could've thought of his own theme.

The Bottom Line
Unlike most 80's games with the same graphics and sound as this one, it does lack a bit. Most fans of these games may put this game down, but I still think it is worth trying because it still has that good combination of game elements, and new elements not used in most games.

By Andrew Shepard on August 14th, 2007

Spy Fox: "Operation Ozone" (Windows)

Humongous Entertainment, I'd say Humongous Disappointment!

The Good
What can I expect to say good about this game, not everything is that bad. At least the game still can provide you with a good spy environment. Some of the spy concepts, really match well with a spy story. For example other than the idea of an aerosol can spraying it the idea of toxic gas destroying the Ozone layer and it's effects on the earth really match well.

Some of the spy gadgets, that go far beyond most of the ones I've ever seen. The gadgets really well drafted and planned. Like the Pearl Detector, has not been used as an idea in most Spy stories, before, and as for most of the others they have really specific powers making them more special

The Bad
We are in a new millennium, where television cartoons are becoming terrible to most people due to lack of good art, and lack of serious plots. This is not just happening on television, but also with other entertainment sources. I remember playing Putt Putt goes to the moon for the first time when I was in Kindergarten. Later on in first grade my teacher introduced me and my class to Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam. All those Humongous Entertainment classics were some of the best programs I can remember.

However I'm to old to play those games now, and I surely have no wanting to get made fun of. There is still a chance to play something from Humongous Entertainment meant for all ages. At first I thought it would be fun, after I tried it here is what I thought. Spy Fox: Operation Ozone by Humongous Disappointment! I am totally not joking after enjoying Humongous Entertainments games aimed at younger children, the only series for all ages (7 and up) ends up being a failure, here are the reasons why.

Artwork and Graphics Just as I said before todays cartoons have a big lack of greatness due to lack of good art. That is exactly one of the main factors of this game. Everything: the characters, the backrounds, the items, and character movement are all really poor. In Humongous Entertainments other games everything looks good, not just because of the way they were drawn in a neat fashion, but because they also seemed to fit more with the backround, they stuck out more, and everything looked like it was colored all inside the lines. In this game however their is a very tiny background where almost nothing sticks out, a lot of the same colors are being used in the same place, making the setting look ugly, most colored things in the game are colored like someone with bad experience in art, was hired by a boss who did not really care if the game would look sloppy, and to top it all off, almost every character in the game, has something that makes them look really messed up. The most common mess for most of the characters, is the way they're developed, their body parts are often floating right next to them, below them, or above them. Looking even more stupid would be their body parts on them sticking out pretty far and have strange shape, for example the dog named "Sport", in the bowling ally has a really big square nose for what a dog would really have. Another example is the duck at the Pearl Farm, his beak is largely bent, his wing is awfully small, and both his wing and his body are shaped like triangles. This is also pretty common for the backgrounds, because the top of a pile of rocks, might be floating right off. Character movement is another problem, several times it seems like most characters (mostly Fox), are moving as if only one side of the front is facing that direction, and this should be easy to tell based on the fact that both of the characters eyes are say on the characters left side. Special effects are the last problem with the game art. When you're in Poodles Factory, and you use the Sticky Stun Bun, on the guards in the rocket room, they end up on the ceiling looking the exact same way as they do, when they are guarding the floor.

Setting This game demonstrates poor usage of how to describe a certain area or location. For example when you get to the street area the narrator says "Somewhere in the middle of nowhere", they should say something more specific. For one thing how would they say it as nowhere, if the place is near both Poodles factory, and the Mobile Command Center, then its got to be somewhere Spy Fox knows about. The map in Spy Fox's Spy car is also poor with describing a certain area. The map has four locations for travel on four continents, two of them Asia and Africa take you to the lake, and the desert. The part of the map that takes you to the desert in Africa is relating to the North American desert, and that desert itself has several things that make it rather inaccurate, a sewer system, and the use of a x-ray really mess it up. The lake on the other hand is on the Asian part of the map, but it is not being quite specific about a certain lake in Asia, and the people in the area are not even close to what an Asian is like.

Acting The last thing that makes this game poor is the acting. First thing I noticed about some of the characters was the way they talked. Whenever they talked they were often saying them like they are making echos, and they were not even in an area where it is not easy to make one, this makes everything seem weird. One other thing you may notice is that the characters don't always talk very clear, and you can't understand what they are saying.

The Bottom Line
I can't say the exact same thing about the first Spy Fox game, but I can say that just because a game was made by a certain company, with a name that might attract you to it, you may not expect the same when you play it.

Humongous Entertainment has been really successful, over the years, and I'm not saying it's bad now, but I do hope one thing will not happen. I hope the things that have been happening on television cartoons, will not go so far, and it probably will not. However I'd still be careful with wanting a title like this.

By Andrew Shepard on February 17th, 2007

King Arthur (GameCube)

More action, violence, better music, but is quite off from the great elements of the film.

The Good
Man! The sword fighting moves and archery are beautifully done! The music in this game is just as beautiful as the movie's music, and it is a great way to accompany your moves. It's great to try all the different ways to fight in this game. Folks who like to use sword-fighting techniques will like the way the Clive Owen figure moves in this game.

What I like about the levels is that they actually have a little more action, and it adds suspense to what the levels is taking part from the movie, such as the levels in the last chapter, in the movie we basically just see the same area with the knights, Woads and Saxons fighting, but in the game we actually are getting more time to fight, because there are six levels in that chapter. Also we have more suspense during the ice battle, because it involves more than just shooting arrows at the Saxons, we now try to help Bors and Tristan.

With the music the game features a whole lot more, that should have been in the film and in the movie there are only seven different music scores, and in some levels the music actually matches with the background of whats going on in the level.

Konami studios didn't just put in better music and more suspense, but they also came up with cool weapons and good background elements. The forest levels feature some woodland animals in the background and even the levels that feature saving peasants have farm animals in the background, that stuff isn't very common in the film. And some weapons like the explosive barrels and the metal horse that shoot out lava are quite unusual especially for the late 400's.

Finally the scenes from the movie used before the level or at the end of the level, are nicely done in color and the lines said by the actors are nice and loud.

The Bad
To begin the game intro and ending sequence have lost a lot of the stuff that the parts in the film mention, the parts are literally skipped. The music used in the intro is used at the end instead of a different tune or even the music just redone a little.

The game featuring scenes from the film to describe what level we are about to play, has got some parts all out of order. It should be like the way the film has them. This is common in a lot of game based on movies made.

Sometimes the controls in the game are done kinda bad, and might bring up confusion, like in the third level of the last chapter it took me an awfully long time to find out how to ignite my arrows and blast the shielded Saxons.

Also you can't replay a level you've already done until you've finished the game. Finally the 3-D graphics might have been drawn poorly or might move poorly in some levels and in the intros that are 3-D.

The Bottom Line
If you remember in The Lord of the Rings games with the scenes in the films, you might be disappointed here, because the scenes are just totally out of order in some levels. But it won't disappoint you if you thought the movie was exciting, with more action and suspense in the levels and new music score you will be happy, so give it a go.

The levels will also give you a little confusion and the controls might also get a little out of hand but you will have the controls help that pops up before the level and can get you into the game a lot.

By Andrew Shepard on April 17th, 2006

Backyard Soccer MLS Edition (Windows)

"A really Fun way to play soccer, for those who don't actually like to do it."

The Good
Soccer is not really one of my favorite sports, but that will not spoil wanting to give this game a try.

It does have a really good amount of players who are not real or are supposed to be actual major league players. The game also actually shows the best physical characteristic of that player (meaning that, that major league player is the best at being a goalie, he/she might be great at running or he/she might real good at kicking). My favorite Major League players in the game include Brian Mcbride, Cobi Jones and Tiffany Millbret. Even the players that are just made up backyard kids are always there to help you play your games to make them easier or just make them harder, the point is not to just take the players who are not good (I never thought players like Lisa Crocket would do good, but she still is a good goalie even though I never pick her). Mostly I pick most of the Major League players as kids.

Next the controls are really easy to use, because all you really have to do is use your character who is closest to the ball and click to where you want them to move, you click far if you want to kick the ball into the goal or to pass to someone far on the field. Scoring the goals in the game is really easy it seems, but try the game on hard or medium, that will give you some challenge.

Lastly this game has got some music that has some good tune to the athletic point of the game.

The Bad
This game does have some things that could have been done a little more during development. Like why didn't the Major League players get some music while you look at their cards like in Backyard Baseball, instead the music they get is whatever music the most recently viewed Backyard kid had in the backround. Second the Backyard teams to choose from are all the same as the original version, it could've been nice for some new names. Third and finally when you progress farther and farther throughout your seasons sometimes you don't get to challenge different teams sometimes they're all the same.

The Bottom Line
Still it's a good way of playing soccer if you don't actually play soccer. You'll have a fun time giving it a try, if you want to play something besides a sidescrolling. arcade or shooting game. Oh and I am not saying those game genres stink.

By Andrew Shepard on March 5th, 2006

LEGOLAND (Windows)

A really fun way to build a park, where a lot can be seen.

The Good
This game is somewhat like Simcity, but it's a lot cooler that in this game were experimenting with legos. You get to choose from four fun themes of lego type, Lego land, Wild West, Castle and Adventures, it's like Pee Wee's Playhouse, but this time everything is meant for older children (What I mean is anything can happen in this park). The graphics are quite fun and colorful. Free Play game is the most fun where you can just do whatever you want and there are no appraisals to pass. Even the real game is fun to do because your helper Johnathon will always be with you to help you fix you park up, so the visitors will enjoy it. The last thing I like are the cutscenes whee we see Professor Voltage going back in time to pick up new attractions for the park.

The Bad
In this game not only do we have to put in lots of rides, food stores, but a lot of different scenery. How are we supposed to plant a lot of different scenery if some levels don't feature a lot of different scenery(I'm not saying the levels are unbeatable). I hate it when you fail the appraisals and you have to start that level all over again.

The Bottom Line
This game will be the best type of game for anyone who thought Sim City was fun you will have a lot of fun building a park of lego attractions and will seek a good challenge when trying to pass an appraisal for a well built park.

By Andrew Shepard on January 28th, 2006

Rocket Power: Beach Bandits (PlayStation 2)

By Andrew Shepard on January 9th, 2006

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PlayStation)

A fun and bloody dinosaur game I can at least try.

The Good
I love almost everything about the Jurassic Park games and I really love Dinosaurs. Most Dinosaur games like Turok are rated M which my mom forbids me from playing. This game at least has a T rating and I can enjoy something a lot of kids at school are allowed to play. There are so many cool dinosaurs in the game and playing as some of the best species from the film is even better.

When playing as Deter or Sarah from the film I totally love the weapons that they can use. The Dinosaurs have some very cool moves like the T-rex can throw a dinosaur up into the air after he grabs it with it's mouth and the Raptor is designed to fight like one swift predator.

The game is actually a little better than the film with all those designs of the backgrounds in the jungle and abandoned centers, their is so much beautiful scenery.

Don't forget about the way you can easily access each level.

The Bad
Ok lets try to add a real adventure mode with save rather than just pick a level. Lets have some herbivore dinosaurs from the film be playable.

The Bottom Line
Plenty of fun for Jurassic Park fans. Give it a shot if you're not allowed to play M shooting games. The graphics are quite beautifully done, and nothing in the game looks partially dumb. Give it a go.

By Andrew Shepard on January 9th, 2006

GeoSafari: Animals (Windows)

By Andrew Shepard on January 7th, 2006

Vlak (DOS)

By Andrew Shepard on December 26th, 2005

Backyard Basketball (Game Boy Advance)

By Andrew Shepard on December 4th, 2005

Jigsaw Puzzle (DOS)

By Andrew Shepard on December 3rd, 2005

Crystal Caves (DOS)

Arcade fun and lovable levels.

The Good
This game is really fun I love all the different aliens and all the tunnels to travel through in the planet. The fun just never ends when playing great Dos classics. I also love the graphics their quite colorful and they are perfect for all the mutants.

The Bad
What gets very annoying is that you can't stay alive very easily, and its very easy to get game over.

The Bottom Line
Never say Never, you can always try something and keep going even if its hard. Just like never give up work.

By Andrew Shepard on November 26th, 2005

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (Windows)

Great Historical game, kind of struggling.

The Good
This game is part of my favorite genre Medieval/Fantasy or Historical. I decided to buy a small copy of it since it was just $5.00. I like to fight as Robin against those guards of Prince John, and the technique of the bows is easy and fun to shoot with.

The Bad
The only thing I don't like about the game is how long it takes to just fight off the guards in sword fighting, it does'nt matter witch mouse button you press they both attack the same.

The Bottom Line
You love the medieval ages and love good 3D graphics, you may love this game.

By Andrew Shepard on November 20th, 2005

Dinosaur Predators (DOS)

By Andrew Shepard on November 19th, 2005

Champ Centiped-em (DOS)

By Andrew Shepard on November 16th, 2005

Gobman (DOS)

By Andrew Shepard on November 13th, 2005

Invaders 1978 (DOS)

By Andrew Shepard on November 13th, 2005

Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue! (Windows 3.x)

One of my most favorite educational games ever made

The Good
What do I love about this game let me tell you the history of my loving it. Since first grade I wanted to play this game but my parents thought I was too young to play it. Then for four years I never thought about it. Then I was looking at screenshots of it from The Learning Company classic system included on The 1994 version of Treasure Mountain. So I really thought I'd search for it on, I wanted to buy it, but my older brother kept on begging me not to buy it, it was going be a disappointment if I could never get to play it ever. Later I found a Dos website named Dosgamesarchive and I became friends with the owner by e-mail. I begged her to add it to the site, she said she would, but she told me later that their site was not obligated to add it. Luckily my cousin gave me an amazon gift card and I bought it from the website.

Now lets explain why I like it. The game is great in it's plot and gameplay. I love to see how the Super Solver can jump and trap the robots to take pictures of them, to decipher clues. The graphics are also put together well and colorful, just like a lot of The Learning Company's classics, and since I've been busy with my education a lot I have had fun doing the reading in the game. So I thank and The Learning Company.

The Bad
This game was great, I have nothing to say that it was bad.

The Bottom Line
You may be young and want to get some educational improvement. You will definately love and have fun with "Super Solver's Midnight Rescue.

By Andrew Shepard on November 12th, 2005

Mega Man: Anniversary Collection (GameCube)

Mega Man a chance to play you

The Good
When I was little, the only thing I knew about Mega Man was the Anime television show. I was in Pre-School when the show aired, now its canceled and I'm a Teenager now. I hoped that someday I would see it again. I found this in Nintendo Power and used some Birthday money to buy it.

The eight great classics on this disc are just enjoyable to do. I love to see all the boss robots of Dr. Wiley and their many assistants who try to kill you. I also love hearing that music when you select what robot you are after. Capcom thank you.

The Bad
The only thing I don't like in the games is the tricky changing blocks and paths like in the first game when you start going after Gutsman.

The Bottom Line
Anyway I am now loving Megaman again and I love it more than I liked it when I watched the show and many others who liked the show will definately enjoy these classic games!

By Andrew Shepard on November 8th, 2005

The Mummy Mystery (Windows)

By Andrew Shepard on November 4th, 2005

Nitemare-3D (DOS)

Fun 3D shooting game, it could have been better.

The Good
It's great to roam around a bunch of levels shooting evil monsters and scientists. You also get to enjoy discovering what is hidden in the wall panels (just can't find them all). It's sorta like a version of "Doom" my mom will let me play. Besides the game gets more fun as you keep on improving on your shooting skills.

The Bad
Well poor graphics, surprisingly strange sounds that keep popping up when there is no enemy around you and the poor effects of the moving wall panels (sorta like the poor background space effects in the old Gamera movie "Destroy all Planets"). So I must admit the creation for a 1994 game just isn't as fun as most 9 games.

The Bottom Line
Hey it's not horrid. Others may hate it but if you like 3D shooting give it a try.

By Andrew Shepard on November 4th, 2005

The Smelly Mystery (Windows)

By Andrew Shepard on October 12th, 2005

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