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Added description to Pub Darts · December 12th, 2005

180 is a darts simulation game and it follows the traditional darts rules where you compete against an opponent to see who scores the 501 points first on a best out of three sets.

If you play against the computer in a Championship knockout competition the computer will randomly select the players out of eight different opponents. Each player has his own characteristics and style of play as their 'favorite doubles' they like to throw. Regardless against whom you play they will become better as you progress towards the final.

A practice mode helps you to become familiar and more skillful at throwing the darts.

The game can be played by one or two players.

Added description to Mahjong Hana no Momoko Gumi · December 11th, 2005

Mahjong Hana no Momoko Gumi is a hentai mahjong game centered around interactions with attractive anime-style girls and involving some kind of romantic or sex appeal.

The gameplay involves 144 tiles, each depicting different images, which have to be matched into various combinations. The game follows the traditional rules. If the player wins a round the girl will undress. The game is single-player only and the opponent is controlled by the computer AI.

Added description to Tenshitachi no Gogo · December 11th, 2005

One of the first adult games with a recognizable anime style, Tenshitachi no Gogo is an adventure game set in a Japanese high school. The goal of the game is to seduce Yumiko Shiraishi, the star girl of the tennis club. To seduce her, the protagonist will have to become acquainted and intimate with her friends by talking to them.

The player interacts with the environment by either typing text commands or selecting pre-set ones from a list. Though there are a few instances of interaction with objects, most of the game revolves around moving between locations and talking to characters. There is no puzzle solving in the game.

Added description to Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness · December 11th, 2005

Hydlide II: Shine Of Darkness is an action RPG, and the second installment in the Hydlide series.

In a different space a wonderful world existed, called Fairy Land, which was dominated by swords and magic after the times of domination by monsters and evil had ended. The people of Fairy Land were intoxicated with peace. At that time an incident occurred. A Consciousness filled with evil awoke and it created new monsters, brought the dead back to life, and wanted to dominate Fairy Land again.

The monks were one of the first who noticed this and warned the people about it but they didn't listen and left the monks disappointed. The monks prayed to God and asked Him if there was a Savior. God, impressed by the monks prayers warped the space-time of Fairy Land with the human world and selected an innocent boy who lived there.

The player controls the innocent boy, who must roam the lands of Fairy Land and free it from evil. The player has to create a character before beginning the quest, customizing his parameters - life, strength, and magic. As in the previous game, the player slays enemies by "bumping" into them or using magical spells. It is possible to change between attacking and defensive stances on the fly. The hero can become stronger and gain additional powers. In the villages there are shops where the protagonist can buy and sell weapons, armor, and items.

Added description to L'Empereur · December 10th, 2005

L'Empereur is a military strategy game. The game takes place during the violent aftermath of the French Revolution and follows the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte who became one of the most popular and charismatic leaders of France.


You start as an officer in charge of the military and local city affairs and later in your career you become the French First Consul and finally the Emperor and take up the responsibilities that come with it. You can only rise in rank if you have gained the support of the people.

You have to build and organize a loyal military army and lead them into war. Defeat the belligerent neighboring countries and collect taxes and pay stipends on time. But be aware of military uprising, strikes, rebellions and deal with weather conditions a harsh winters and other natural disasters that might occur. You fail if your captured by the enemy or die.


The game scenarios that can be selected are based on Napoleon's military life:

  1. Napoleon's Beginning.

  2. The desire for Power.

  3. The End of the Revolution.

  4. The Glorious Empire.

Added description to The Computer Edition of Scrabble Brand Crossword Game · December 9th, 2005

Scrabble De Luxe is the computer version of the classic word game Scrabble. It follows the official board game rules. It can be played at 8 different difficulty levels.

The main difference with Computer Scrabble is that the De Luxe version has enhanced graphics, a larger dictionary and a clock timer.

Added description to Empire City: 1931 · December 9th, 2005

In Empire City: 1931 which is set in 1931 you are a federal agent that has to eliminate all criminal activities in New York City. You must hunt the criminals down and shoot them one by one. To locate a criminal you just have to follow the arrow on the left or right of the screen. Killing criminals is done by moving the cross hair over them. A countdown timer will start counting down if a criminal starts shooting at you. You must kill the criminal before the timer reaches zero or you'll loose a life. New bullets can be collected by shooting at the bullet boxes that regularly appear in the game as other useful objects. The criminals sometimes take hostages for protection. Rescue these hostages for additional points.

Firing your gun is done with fire button 1 and deflecting bullets by pressing the fire button 2.

Added description to Flash Splash · December 9th, 2005

Flash Splash is a vertical shooter. In this game, the player does not have to protect the Earth from an alien invasion. No, the goal is to just shoot through various objects, such as tennis balls, pigs, Walkmans, and various other objects. This game can be played by up to three players.

Added description to Scarlet 7: The Mightiest Women · December 9th, 2005

In this basic horizontal shooter you have to defend the earth from an alien invasion. Just blast your way through swarms of aliens. You can design your own space ship. You can change the ship's body, foot, arm, missiles and engine.

Added description to Dynamite Bowl · December 9th, 2005

Dynamite Bowl is a bowling game simulation based on the real bowling sport and can be played up to five players at one of the thirty lanes. The game has two difficulty levels. Game variables that can be controlled are: your position at the lane, set the strength of the throw and control the loft and curve of the bowling ball.

Added description to A.E. · December 9th, 2005

A.E. is a Space Invaders inspired game with a 3D view. In A.E. the earth is under attack by swarms of aliens who drop bomb after bomb and it's your job to defend planet Earth.

You control a laser cannon that moves horizontally at the bottom of the screen. To earn point you should shoot all the alien forces before they shoot you! The game becomes more challenging when you progress in the game as the alien swarm splits up and attack you from several sides.

Added description to Alph╬▒roid · December 8th, 2005

"SOS! Centacom! Our central computer has broken down. We will be delivered to the Gentiles. Unless Space Marshall Alpharoid restores law and order."

Alpharoid is a combination of horizontal scrolling shooter and a battle bots fighting game. You control Space Marshall Alpharoid and must restore law and order by blasting your way through space and fight head-to-head combat battles with several androids.

While blasting your way around in space you'll find pit holes on several locations and entering a pit brings you to an android which must be defeated.

Added description to Castlequest · December 8th, 2005

The puzzle and platform game Castle Excellent is a sequel to The Castle. In Castle Excellent you control a prince that has to save the princess again.

To find your princess you have to explore the castle, which has 100 different rooms. Each room is a puzzle on its own as you have to avoid enemy knights, fat Tiroler men, hazardous objects and have to use objects to get to the next door. In each room you have to collect keys and items like rings and gold bars. The keys may have different colors and only opens doors with the corresponding key color.

The main difference with the original The Castle game is that the castle rooms are completely redesigned and contain many new challenges. The game play has not changed.

Added description to The Castle · December 8th, 2005

In the puzzle and platform game The Castle the player controls a prince that has to save the princess. To find his princess he must explore the castle, which has a hundred different rooms. Each room is a puzzle on its own as the prince must avoid enemy knights, fat Tiroler men, hazardous objects and has to use objects to get to the next door. In each room the prince has to collect keys and items, such as rings, gold bars and bottles. The bottles will give the prince an additional life. The keys may have different colors and only opens doors with the corresponding key color.

Added description to Kubus · December 8th, 2005

Kubus is a basic vertical scrolling arcade game in which you, as an astronaut, have to collect the purple dots in a maze-like and cube shaped floor while avoiding enemy objects. Occasionally special objects appear which contain special powers, such as no enemies for a certain amount of time or invulnerability.

When all purple dots have been collected you can jump to the next level which are separated by a wide and cube less gap. This gap contains only some cubes if all dots have been collected and those cubes can be used as a bridge to jump to the next level. You have only a limited amount of oxygen to collect all the dots and if you fail you'll loose a life.

It's only possible to move and jump diagonal. The game can be played at two different difficulty levels.

Added description to Strange Loop · December 7th, 2005

Strange Loop is an arcade action game with 240 different rooms, each filled with dangers. The protagonist, clad in a space suit and armed with a laser gun, has to regain control of a factory located in Outer Space. The factory, where robots are produced, has been taken over by aliens and they are reprogramming the robots to take over planet Earth.

To take over control of the factory, the protagonist has to reach the central Control Room; but to get there he has to overcome many obstacles and collect several objects. These objects can be used to perform several tasks of which some must be done before the player takes over the computer by stopping it. Fuel and patches for the suit can be picked up and retrieve items such as rings and spanners, which are given out by robots or just left around on the floor. The game has an option to save and load the current game status.

Added description to SuperChess · December 7th, 2005

SuperChess is a computer simulation of the popular chess game with a top-down view. Although this game is very basic you can choose the color of your chess pieces and adjust the look ahead option.

Added description to MSX Rugby · December 7th, 2005

MSX Rugby is a simple arcade Rugby game. The game can be played by one player against the computer or by two players against each other. The game play is vertical scrolling and a top-down view and follows the traditional rugby rules. MSX Rugby has no referee or tournament mode and the duration of the match can not be altered.

Added description to MSX Soccer · December 7th, 2005

MSX Soccer is a sports action game for one or two players. MSX Soccer features throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks and a top-down view of the field which scrolls to follow the action.

There is no tournament mode and the duration of match can not be set.

Added description to MSX Baseball II · December 7th, 2005

MSX Baseball II is a sequel to MSX Baseball. It's a baseball game in which you can pitch, hit, field and try to hit a home run, steal bases, and throw several types of pitches from a fast ball to a curve ball.

In MSX Baseball II you can change the name of the team you are playing and edit your team statistics, which could not be done with MSX Baseball.

MSX Baseball II can be played by one or two players against the computer or each other.

Added description to MSX Baseball · December 6th, 2005

Baseball can be played by one or two players against the computer at two different difficulty levels. In this baseball game you can pitch, hit, field and try to hit a home run, steal bases, and throw several types of pitches from a fast ball to a curve ball.

Added description to Suske en Wiske: De Tijdtemmers · December 6th, 2005

In De Tijdtemmers, the famous Belgian comic book heroes Suske & Wiske (Bob & Bobette) are on a quest to find one of their best friends, Lambik, who has been kidnapped by Crimson, their arch enemy. They have to collect several parts of the Time Machine which teleports them to various worlds such as the Stone Age, ancient Egypt and the near future.

The stages in which you play consist of a combination of puzzle and arcade elements.

You can choose to play as either Suske or Wiske and each of them have their own characteristics.

Added description to Balance · December 1st, 2005

Balance is an educational game. In this game you have to solve different sorts of calculations within a given time limit.

The equations are presented on a unbalanced lever, one arm of the lever contains the equation and the outcome on the other arm. One number in the equations is missing and you 'll have to find the right number and place it in the equation. When the equations are solved correctly the levers will balance.

The time limit is represented by a truck at the top of the screen that drives from right to left over the balanced levers and it will fall down if you are not able to balance the levers in time and you loose a life.

Added description to Fire Rescue · November 30th, 2005

In this platform game you control a mouse who is a fire fighter and that has to rescue mice out of an burning apartment building.

You have to pick up the mice and bring them safely to the left side of the building where the steel fire escape stairs are located. When all the mice have left the building trough the emergency exit at the bottom-right of the screen it is your turn to leave the building by using the stairs that appear randomly on the lowest platform level. You progress to the next level when you have left the building.

The shape of the platform changes each level and also fire balls will appear making it more difficult to you to rescue the mice. When a fire burns too long on a particular part of floor that floor will disappear and don't get caught by the fire or you'll lose a life.

Added description to Fruity Frank · November 30th, 2005

You control Fruity Frank as he tries to harvest all of the fruits on the screen. However, there are numerous bad guys out to get him! Frank can defend himself from the bad guys in two ways: he can push the apples located throughout the play field on top of the enemies and crush them or Frank can use his power ball. This ball can be thrown at an enemy to destroy it. He has only one power ball, though, so he will need to wait for it to return to him before it can be used again.

When you successfully collect all of the cherries, you will move on to the next and more challenging level.

This game is very similar to the first Mr. Do! game except that in Fruity Frank you don't collect letters from the alphabet.

Added description to Hercules: Slayer of the Damned! · November 30th, 2005

In this beat 'em up game you control Hercules, the illegitimate son of Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene. Hera, Zeus' wife, therefore hates Hercules and made him kill his two children. The King of Argos gives him 12 labours that he has to fulfill.

These twelve labours are symbolized by icons that appear occasionally on the screen. You have to collect these labours while fighting off skeletons that carry swords. The fights take place in ancient Greek temples amongst other places. If you hit a labour it will put into an urn but a spider tries to steal the labours from you. Kill it with a well placed blow. If all twelve labours have been collected he must face the the end boss of the game, the mighty Minotaur.

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