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Added description to Football Mogul · May 13th, 2001

An American football sim that puts you in the front office, making decisions on what players to trade, draft, sign and cut. As owner and manager of your own football team (pick your own city and nickname), you make all the player decisions as well as set prices for TV contracts, concessions and tickets. The game engine simulates each game, and you can play a week, a month or a season at a time.

The game doesn't have a license with the NFL or NFLPA, so with rosters based on actual NFL rosters in the mid-1990s at some point, fake names close to the actual ones are used. Stan Yu is the name used for Steve Young at quarterback for San Francisco, and so on.

Added description to Sentient · May 12th, 2001

You are sent to investigate an outbreak of radiation sickness aboard the space station Icarus, but once aboard, you realize your primary objective is the least of your worries. The captain has been murdered, an assassin threatens a visiting senior Senator, and a power struggle arises as the station careens toward the sun. Save yourself, or save the ship?

Sentient's main feature is the artificial intelligence controlling multiple individual crew members aboard the station, each with their own assignments and behaviors. You interact with the AI characters through an elaborate parser interface, which allows you to ask them everything from the location of a vital piece of equipment, to their opinion of another member of the crew. To succeed, you must take advantage of the crew's help through this social system.

Added description to The Doonesbury Election Game Campaign '96 · May 12th, 2001

Manage a presidential campaign in the 1996 election in "the most comprehensive and challenging election strategy game ever designed." Pair such unlikely opponents as George Wallace and Shirley Chisholm, or the actual matchup of Bob Dole, Ross Perot and Bill Clinton. Even choose candidates from the past like JFK -- 60 different candidates at your disposal. Staff your campaign with such Doonesbury characters as Zonker, Duke, Lacey or even Mike.

Added description to The Perfect General · May 12th, 2001

A simplified combat game that uses basic units with defined attributes and capabilities. Includes several scenarios (from simple to complex) with varied strategic and tactical options, allowing for virtually thousands of different games within each scenario. The computer will play either or both commanders.

The game uses a rectangular battle arena with an underlying hexagonal grid structure, typical of most war games. The game is turn-based.