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My Gaming history is short and sweet as I am more interested in the game industry then in the games themselves but lately mainly due to having more money I have been getting a lot more into games.

My first exposure to the computer and the video game was at my grand father’s house as he was always with the times with the latest technology throughout his life. Back then he collected and built computers. He was not much into the video games himself but he bought some for us (sisters and I) to play. The games I remember playing back then where Indianapolis 500, Jill of the Jungle 1 to 3, Heroes of the 357th, and Doom (that game did then and still does now gives me a headache).

After he died in 1994 I didn’t play any video games until I walked into a video store and saw Mario Kart 64 playing. I was blown away by the graphics of the game (I know it is crude now, but only playing 1992 games beforehand it was a big improvement). Saving up all my pocket money (about $5 a week) I went and brought an N64. Took it home all eager to play it, plugged it all in, turned it on and … nothing. Out of all my excitement of getting the console I forgot one major thing, a game. We ended up going down to the video store and got Diddy Kong Racing, the first game I have ever played at home. I did not get much games for the N64 due to my lack of funds, with about half of my games that I have got for it were given to me by others. My favorites for the console where Perfect Dark, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and of course Mario Kart 64.

After the next generation of consoles I opted to buy the PlayStation 2. I enjoyed that nowhere near how much I enjoyed having the N64, I mean by it did have some good games for it but it didn’t seem as fun as the N64 was. I thought about replacing it with a GameCube but it seemed that Nintendo had lost its touch in making “fun” consoles. Had very few favorites in for the PlayStation 2 which included Gran Turismo 3 (did not like 4), all the Grand Theft Auto series except for Stories.

When the DS came out I saw the game Super Mario 64 DS and I instantly fell in love with the new handheld. With this handheld I can relive the best console I have ever owned, the N64. It was the first time I was excited about a console launch ever. Getting the handheld on launch day and this time getting a game with it went over to a nearby café I turned it on and … nothing. It turns out you need to charge the battery before you can play. While I didn’t fulfill the N64 memories (I think I enjoyed that console because it was my first, something that could not be relived) it was still a great device and have enjoyed much more than the PS2.

When the next generation (current now), I was I eagerly watching the PS3’s offering of this new super console. I was amazed at what it could do. Weeks after E3 ended I finally watched what Nintendo’s offering for the next console. Even though the DS was good, after the GameCube I was expecting more of the same poor consoles into the next generation leading to Nintendo’s demise. And it was what I expected a small un-powerful console but this new controller what they were talking about had me interested. When they announced the new controller my imagination of all the possible games this could lead too and yet again Nintendo’s was in my good books. I ended up selling my PS2 and games to get a Wii (something that I regretted for a while after) and on launch day at midnight got my Wii (I wasn’t that eager to get it I just wanted to go to one of these midnight launch things). As for getting the Xbox 360 it was a deal I made with a friend that involved me getting half an Xbox 360 for nothing (long story). When he didn’t want it any more I got the other half for a Christmas present. The only console that I had no interest for this generation turned out to be the one that I play most with Perfect Dark Zero, Test Drive, and Grand Theft Auto 4 as my most played games.

I found MobyGames awhile ago looking for an online database of games, because for some reason I love databases.

As you may of guessed by reading this I play a lot of casual type games, and the leader of all casual games is browser games, something that I have spent a lot of time playing (much too long). A while ago I wanted to put a database of the entire browser catalog into one big database where people can visit, search, play, and rank all the online games. Due the massive scale of this project and the smallness of me (as one of many people, not physical size) I never got started. When MobyGames announced that they are going to also do browser games I requested that I will become an approver of them. While this database is not exactly what I was thinking/dreaming of, it is rather close. So here I am and approver of browser games on this great site.