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About Me:

My name is Chris Martin, and I've been gaming for 20+ years.

First off, before I describe myself, let me say this:

If you want to e-mail me concerning MobyGames, or games in general, I will try to reply to you in a timely fashion. HOWEVER... If you write to me asking to trade games, send you games illegally through e-mail or to swap games. I will not reply, and quite possibly, your e-mail address will be permanently banned from my personal e-mail box.

If you are looking to download old games, you can try - they have thousands of old games. But be warned, downloading the games is still considered piracy, and a copyright violation. Do so at YOUR OWN RISK. There are other ways to get games illegally. Through me is NOT one of them.

And another way to find out-of-print games is to look in eBay. Yeah I know, you might end up paying up the wazoo for it, but at least you'll own a LEGAL copy of the game.

OK, now that I have stepped off of my soap box, I'm a 36 year old male, and have been into computer games since I purchased my IBM PS/2 Model 80 (read: old computer) back in 1988. My first game was Rogue: The Adventure Game, and have been hooked since.

My system is finally updated as well I now have a Sony VAIO Desktop computer, which I recently upgraded - P4 3.0Gz computer 1.5GB of RAM, 200GB SATA Hard drive, and a Radeon 9250 256MB Video Card. Also a Nostromo n52 for playing my first person shooters with.

And for those who read my reviews, I split the review up into categories: Graphics, Sound/Music, Control, etc. Whatever the game entails :)

Godspeed, Chris Martin