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Mr Almond

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About Me

I've been console gaming now for the best part of 20 years and have the joint pains in my fingers to prove it.

The first gaming system we had as a family was an Atari 800XL which was then followed by my brothers NES and my own Master System.

While friends had Sega Mega Drives (which I loved), I was playing on the Super Nintendo.(which I loved) and somewhere in the house there was also a Gameboy.

As my family dynamic moved around, the Gameboy stayed, the Super NES went and then returned and a Mega Drive came my way. Around 1995 my gaming started to take a back seat which meant I missed first hand the 32 and 64 bit wars from Sony, Sega and Nintendo. While friends were now raving about Playstations, I was still playing Super NES and Mega Drive games. After the 16bit consoles had died and battlegrounds had settled, my brother got me a Playstation for my birthday (which I still have).

Late to the game, (about 2001) I got myself a PS2, and then about a year later a Game Cube. All was good and my fingers were starting to ache again.

I dabbled with the PSP for a few months around launch but didn't get much out of it so it was sold on and replaced with a DS. (Mainly for my daughter). Around the same time I got a great deal on an N64 so have slowly been discovering some of the great games I missed the first time round.

Recently, I picked up a couple of Dreamcasts and have been blown away with some of the titles available. Also got a Xbox 360 running now so should be busy for a while.... That is until something else catches my eye.