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I have been an avid gamer since Christmas 1978. It was at this time that I first witnessed the Atari 2600, AKA Heavy Sixer Aka Atari VCS. My love for gaming has never stopped, I have enjoyed games on many many consoles and it is a goal of mine to add to my collection consoles of yesteryear that I was unable to attain in my youth. I don't collect for the sake of collecting I merely collect those treasured items I worshiped from afar from one time or another. I am married now and have 4 great kids and a loving wife. My kids have started to show glimpses of the same kind of twinkle that was in my eye as a child when it came to video games. I am sure someday when I am as old as 80 (God willing) I will have cane and still be saying, I sure love to play Demon Attack on my ATARI.