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A big fan of many genres and franchises, I've been a dedicated gamer since five years of age, with the grand Sega Genesis. I eventually broke it to spite my brother in a fit of five-year-old childish jealousy and anger. But then I got my hands on a PS1, and I realized how great gaming was - despite not being able to understand what was happening most of the time; but, quite miraculously, I managed to complete the first disk of Final Fantasy 8 in French! Without use of any guide! Ironically, it was this half-understood game which introduced me to the world of RPGs, and more accurately, the realm of Final Fantasy. Many Game-Overs and consoles later, I've become a dedicated gamer with great beliefs in video console entertainment; as a new form of storytelling, art form, education, and most importantly, the best source of home entertainment.