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Yie Ar Kung-FuAmstrad CPC4.5
Werewolf vs. ComancheDOS2.6
WEC Le MansAmstrad CPC4.6
Turbo Out RunAmstrad CPC3.0
Super TruxAmstrad CPC4.2
Summer ChallengeDOS4.2
Strike CommanderDOS4.0
Street FighterAmstrad CPC2.4
OutRunAmstrad CPC1.5
M1 Tank PlatoonDOS3.8
Lotus Esprit Turbo ChallengeAmstrad CPC4.0
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action GameAmstrad CPC2.5
Hard Drivin'Amstrad CPC1.0
Ghostbusters IIAmstrad CPC4.0
The Games: Winter ChallengeDOS4.2
Body BlowsDOS0.2
BatmanAmstrad CPC4.5
B-17 Flying FortressDOS3.6
ArcticfoxAmstrad CPC2.8