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Location:Brasilia, Brazil Brazil flag
About myself:I'm a 29 years old brazilian wasting my life developing games for free. I don't have a job, but I did had a company of mine (CMS developing and PHP training) that still survived called ODF (www.odf.com.br). I have a long list of companies where I worked on, dealing with webdesign and webprograming, I did wrote a software manual once, I had experience as the content-administrator for an big e-learning company here, in Brazil. I also have two short-stories published in a book...

I did had two websites about music and entertainment: the first one, Protons (www.protons.com.br), was a record label with some space for producing concerts, festivals, and some writings... The second was a bigger project called Alucinaticos (www.alucinaticos.com.br), an e-magazine about rock, movies, humor and literature. We did memorable concerts, epic festivals and crazy parties.

I have a huge collection of cd's, lp's and ep's (British punk rock '77, mostly). I love any kind of rock (except Heavy Metal and anyone of the derivatives).

I'm dealing with computer since MSX 1, MSX 2 and Amiga. I'm well-rounded for every aspect of website creating, maintaining and promoting. I have an average AS knowledge. I also know something about hardware...

My qualities are: I can learn everything, very fast, and by myself. It's only a matter of motivation. I learned english dealing with internet, I never had a single day of programming class. And I'm very very creative, I can develop stories in a matter of minutes. I usually have great insights (specially when I'm wake up for too long and very tired, I don't know why). I'm a very obstinate person once I decided to do something. Spend 26 non-stop hours in front of my computer is common for me. I'm also good at making drawnings, paintings, etc... Oh, and I learnt to play bass by myself to: I had several punk rock bands, some of these have records released outside Brazil.

My weakness are: I have problems to maintain a routine (I'm a shift worker). I'm anxious and have a terrible nail bitting addiction. I smoke, use drugs and I eat nothing but trash-food. I could make a bigger list, but I think I wrote enough...

See ya!...