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atari kombinera


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About myself: I'm an "Almost 40" white boy from the suburbs of Houston, Texas USA. I'm a semi-accomplished professional singer, well-versed drummer, and hack guitarist, mostly rock and heavy music. I no longer play professionally (since 2001), because I can't stand the industry, nor the atmosphere that accompanies the style of music I play. The home studio is where I dwell. I also collect comic books, mostly from the 60's-80's, and have a dedicated room filled with over 5000 comics.

Now, about video games... I've been playing video games since the 70's, stealing quarters from my step-dad's piggy bank to battle Gorf at the local arcade. The first game I ever played was probably Space Invaders or Asteroids (can't remember which), and my first game system was an Odyssey2. I wish I still had my KC Munch-kin... My friends all had Atari 2600's, so I got to play a lot of those games.

We got an Apple IIe in the early 80's, and I jammed out on Ultima II, Choplifter, Amazon, Karateka, Bard's Tale...heck, you name it, I played it.

I got into Windows and Dos Games in the early 90's, and the list of games I've owned and played would read like a catalog, so just look at my "Games I Have" list if you're interested. I may even trade a few...

My first love on the PC was adventure games, such as the Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry games from Sierra. However, since I got my first taste of Doom, it's been mainly 1st person shooters.

I'm a collector (of sorts) of older PC hardware. I prefer to build custom rigs from legacy hardware and OS's in order to play classic games as they were meant to be played, as opposed to struggling to get them to work under current operating systems. Case in point: Toonstruck, Quest For Fame, and other games that just WON'T WORK on newer Operating Systems (PC). As far as Consoles go: If I own the console, I play the game on it. If I don't...Well, emulators kick ass. I never claim to own a game if I don't own the disc/cart...even if I paid to download it. To me, if I can't spit on the disc, or blow the dust out of the cart, I don't own it...I only play it.

What (video) games mean to me: Games allow me to escape from reality in a way that no other medium could before (save the Hitchhikers' books by Douglas Adams), and 1st Person Shooters are my home. My only online claim to fame is being 12-16th in the world at Rail-Only Quake III For several months back in 99-2000. I still tear it up occasionally, but disdain online matches since the dissolution of our Clan=CoD (where are you KreatoR??)

As of this writing, I'm desperately trying to run through newer games that wouldn't play on my old rig, and tracking down Older games that I couldn't afford to play at the time. Thanks to the internet, Moby Games and (good old games PLEASE SUPPORT THEM!!), that quest is going very, very well. Hope I catch up before I bite the weenie...