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About myself:I LOVE WAR!!!

That's not precisely correct. I've seen combat & witnessed the misery, destruction & terror of battle. In a way exciting, I wouldn't wish for anyone to have to experience war unneccessarily.

I love the thrill of competition, to put my abilities against those of an adversary. Win or lose, I enjoy the contest, of course winning IS preferable.

I was born in 1961. I've been interested in Military Science, WWII in particular, since I was old enough to watch TV. John Wayne, Gregory Peck, et.al. occupied weekend afternoons.

In 2nd grade, I did a report on "The Rise & Fall of the 3rd Reich," W Shirer, & began reading WWII books. At age 10, I discovered Avalon Hill games.

My studies have widened to include ancient, medieval & contemporary tactics & strategies.

I make no claims of invincibility, I lose sometimes, but I learn quickly & never fall for the same ploy twice. My service experiences & studies provide understanding of game concepts & a general idea of how things are supposed to happen.