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atari kombinera

Kaddy B.

Plan on Getting

  • Nintendo SNES -- I once had an SNES. It kicked ass. Then my doberman crushed it :( I want another one.
  • SNK Neo Geo -- Why does this have to be so expensive and rare? Dammit, I wanna play Metal slug but the collection is only on PS2/PSP.

Currently Have

  • 3DO -- Need for Speed, Quarantine, Road Rash, Wolf 3D, why do people hate this again?
  • Apple II -- I've had this baby since 1983. It was my first home computer!
  • Bandai WonderSwan -- Technically this is my wifes. I've never seen her play it but she claims it has sentimental value so it remains here.
  • Cell Phone -- Wolfenstein RPG and Doom RPG!! Also Tetris.
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- Ahh, the PC. The only gaming platform that truly matters.
  • Magnavox Odyssey -- I found this in my mum's closet. May not be much fun, but considering its place in history, I keep it for display.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 -- My current gen system of choice.
  • MSX -- Technically, its an MSX2. Its also my wifes, she comes from Japan. Metal Gear 1/2 are worth keeping this around.
  • NEC TurboGrafx-16 -- One word: BONK! :B
  • Nintendo 64 -- My wife & I still play Perfect Dark on a daily basis. This system is one of my all time favourites.
  • Nintendo DS -- I may only have 5 games for this, but I like them all :)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) -- I got one as a gift in 87 with Megaman. That game rocked, also this was my first console!
  • Nintendo Wii -- I'm a sucker for light gun games, so having House of the Dead 2,3 and Overkill keep me happy. Also Mario Galaxy rules.
  • Sega CD -- Sonic CD makes this worth it.
  • Sega Dreamcast -- This baby rules. I occasionally code homebrew games with my Wife for this :D
  • Sega Genesis -- Sonic. Need I say more?
  • Sony PlayStation 3 -- I won this, just had to answer 5 questions about Pink Floyd. Easy as they are best band ever. 360>PS3, still good tho.

Used to Have

  • Apple/Bandai Pippin -- Note to self: Don't buy random products just because the company made your favourite computer.
  • Atari 8-bit -- The only games I had for it were the Wolfenstein games, and when I got them from a friend for the Apple II, I sold this.
  • Atari Jaguar -- I had this for like a month, but after beating AVP and getting bored of Tempest 2000, I sold it. Kinda felt ripped off.
  • Microsoft Xbox -- First and only console I owned last generation. I sold it because my games are 360 compatable.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP -- This was a great system. I sold it since the DS plays all my GBA games.
  • Sega 32X -- Bahhhhhhh. The CD has its problems, but this is a real piece of crap. I sold it only 3 weeks after I bought it.
  • Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) -- I was living and breathing Liberty City Stories. Then some jackass stole my PSP with the game still in it! :(