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Mike Hanson

E-Mail Address:(private)
Contribution Rating:312 (tied for 927th; 2 in last year)
Homepage: http://www.hansoncreative.co.uk
Member SinceNov 02, 2009
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Xbox GamerTag: MickeyTheMoo
About myself:A multi-faceted games artist with 9 years of experience in artwork for most classic and modern consoles, computers and hand-held gaming devices.

"Currently I'm the lead artist for Astraware Ltd. A developer of multi-format handheld games. In the future, I would like to see the technology develop, the effects enhance, the polygon count grow and my technical skillset continue to broaden with the handheld formats. Eventually, I might consider working in console gaming, but right now, I'm happily building on my 3D capabilities while keeping my drawing hand limber."


Specialties:2D character animation in and 2D Backgrounds in Pro-Motion, Low to medium-Polygon 3D character and environment modeling, texturing, and character animation in 3DS Max and Character Studio. hand-drawn character design, cinematic storyboarding, video editing in Premier, fairly advanced Director-Lingo game programming, fairly basic flash animation and optomisation, web development in Dreamweaver, sound and music production skills in Cubase and Cool Edit Pro / Audition.

Mike Hanson (312) is also listed as a game developer.