havoc of smeg

Currently Have

  • Microsoft Xbox One -- Currently my main platform
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 -- An Elite
  • Sega Genesis -- AKA The Mega Drive II, my 1st console. Control port 1 slightly broken, got to fiddle it a little for all buttons to work
  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) -- Has a very cranky wi-fi button. Hardly ever use it anymore.
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- 4th PC. windows 7, 2.7ghz processor, 3GB RAM, 640GB HDD, multi DVD drive & nvidia geforce 9200 graphics. my current PC.
  • Android tablet -- Asus TF300T
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 -- Premium version-- RRoD, collecting dust
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 -- Premium version-- my spare 360. collecting dust.
  • Sony PlayStation -- Original model, hardly ever used as i play my PS1 games on my PS2.
  • Sony PlayStation 2 -- Slimline silver, replacement for my original, now broken, PS2.
  • Sony PlayStation 2 -- Black brick, broken after kicking it.
  • Sony PlayStation 2 -- Another black brick version, an old neighber handed it over when he moved out.

Used to Have

  • IBM PC / Compatible -- 1st PC, win 98 16MB RAM
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- My 3rd PC. windows XP,1.9Ghz, 192MB RAM, DVD/CD-RW, 72GB HDD, handed over to my brother when i got my current PC.
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- My 2nd PC. Win 98, 166Mhz processor, 32MB RAM, 1GB HDD
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- Windows XP laptop. Busted.

Over My Dead Body

  • Nintendo Wii -- For reasons i'm too grown up to admit. That, and none of the games interest me much if at all.