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About myself:I don't like to write about myself as it means I have to check the calender. I just realized that I've gaming journalist over 9 years already. Oh well...

As a gamer I like action, racing and adventure, in that order. FPS is clearly my top choice, but I enjoy third person actions as well. I love stealth actions. I have a sweet spot for some side-scrollers. Rally driving and arcade(ish) racings are my cup of tea. I prefer comedic and adventurous adventures. Beside reviewing games I also research game development companies.

Other passions are movies and outdoor activities like hiking, orienteering, climbing, cross country running, canoeing etc. >)

Fun facts about me:

- main genre which draw me to gaming was flight sim (eg "F-29 Retaliator"). But I soon understood I suck in it and jumped ship. I briefly returned to flying in 2011 which resulted completion of my first and only flying game - arcadish "Top Gun".

- I like to play driving games with keyboard. Don't know why.