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atari adventure

Jarel Jones

E-Mail Address:(private)
Contribution Rating:18 (tied for 5399th; 1 in last year)
Homepage: http://www.jareljones.com
Member SinceApr 01, 2010
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Location:Riverdale, MD, United States United States flag
Xbox GamerTag: Arrowned
About myself:PSN ID: Arrowned
Steam ID: Arrowned
Wii Friend Code: 0876 9900 5687 3883

With the exception of Batman: Arkham Asylum, all the Myst titles, The Sims: Complete Collection, and the Telltale point-and-click adventure titles, all of my Windows games were purchased via Steam, so use my ID there to hit me up for the multiplayer titles. Batman was purchased through Games for Windows Live, so that falls under my Xbox account.

There are a couple of games I own that aren't yet in MobyGames' database: NHL '95 (SNES), Power Rangers Dino Thunder (PS2), Power Rangers Super Legends (PS2), Cortex Command (PC), Return All Robots! (PC), Excitebike: World Rally (WiiWare), Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (WiiWare), Castlevania the Adventure Rebirth (WiiWare), Rage of the Gladiator (WiiWare), and Korg DS-10 Plus (DS).