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About myself: I am a 45 year old with a passion for playing PC games. My favorite genres are first person shooters and RPGs. I never got into multiplayer, and find that my reflexes are a bit slow and I haven't the time to improve yet, so I love a good single player game with a story.

I had a rather large collection of games, most of them top shelf titles in their respective areas, including many obscure or forgotten classics. I recently decided to let them all go, so now I keep only my crown jewels as it were. :)

Started playing around 12, and got hooked by the old Infocom games on a C64 with a black and white TV for monitor. I had the 2600, Atari 400, and Amiga 500, and finally a PC. In the last few years I re-discovered consoles and now have the Wii and a Star Wars Edition 360 as well.

I've always been fascinated by the gaming industry, and have spent a lot of my free time reading about and researching the games and developers that I admire. This makes me a shoe in for Jeopardy, Video Game Edition. :)