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sliver webidfaf

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About myself:I am a fighter virp [virtual pilot]. I have made General in three Air Forces, serving in WWII, Vietnam and the Middle-East. Where else can you do your first solo and go supersonic after just an hour of instruction? I occasionally barnstorm, have been known to beat up my airbase after a good mission, but usually, I try to stick to the regs. I like to enhance my sim time with research on history, tactics and procedures.

I try to fly like a human who is physical, and G-limited, in a real world aircraft that requires maintenance and will break if I overstress it. In war, certain pilots, in certain situations, were not so considerate of their aircraft. The only ones we know about are those who made it back.

At first, I only flew. Once I discovered “modding” (modifying a game), it took up half my sim time. Today, I spend a lot of time modding before I fly a mission. I will choose a sim that has modding potential over one that has heavy encryption.

One experience I recommend is to redo the skin of your favourite aircraft and then fly a mission in it.

As can be seen by my have list, I possess a retirement collection. I have completed Jane's IAF, USAF and WWII fighters. I am a2g qualified in Lock On's A-10, have my basic flight qualification in the F-15, but am not cleared to operate the radar. I am fully qualified in KA-52 Team Alligator, but have yet to command a squad in a campaign. I have tried more combat flight sims than I have completed.

My favourite theatres are SEA, the Middle-East, WWII Europe or and WWII Pacific.

Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to try a multiplayer session. I would very much like to experience it in Jane’s IAF or Team Alligator, preferably via LAN.