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atari kombinera

ThE oNe

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About myself:Ive got an old mac which I never use. An old 200 Mhz pentium, and a 1.3 Ghz P4. Ive also got N64, SNes, GBA, and XBOX.

__________________________ My "Game Of The Year" pick is

-Morrowind for the PC- ___________________________

Oh yes, you have probably realized that I now give games I review a rating out of 5. Heres my rating scheme.

0/5-(Not worth rating) A worthless trash piece. Not even worth rating, no one will ever like this game. Everyone with a brain will be smart to look away from this game.

1/5-(Very bad game) Bad, bad game. I hated this game, it was horrible. I don't reccomend it. Maybe, just maybe, if you were a big freak of he genre you might like it for a few minutes, but I say no one will like it.

2/5-(Not a good game) It's a bad game with some good parts in it. If you're a fan of the genre you might look past the flaws and like it, but I think the game is just not a good one.

3/5-(Good Game with some flaws and problems) This is an okay game. It has many flaws and problems that make it not a perfect or even great game. Fans of the genre will probably like it. Some will like the game, some won't. I reccomend it to fans of the genre or just people who don't care about problems.

4/5-(Great game with a few problems) The game is great. I reccomend it. It has a few flaws though, but most gamers will enjoy it.

5/5-(PERFECT GAME) This game is the best! Everyone will love it!

Note* If I state flaws to a game I give 5/5 to, it is probably because the good parts out weigh the bad.