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About myself:Playing games since 1984 on an Atari 2600. Ever since then, I've been nothing less than an avid gamehead. I freely refer to myself as a nerd though none of my friends will... bless their souls (if you believe in that sort of thing). I have always loved video games and particularly adore the Mega Man and Metal Gear series' as far as Nintendo and now Sony are concerned. For the computer you'll find me romping about in any first person shooter around. I play everything save for sports titles and even then you might find me playing NBA Jam for my SNES.

I don't really like writing about myself all that much so I'll close by saying I don't pirate games, and haven't done so for approximately seven years. I figure that if I ever wanted to be a part of the industry in any shape or form than I should support it as anybody else would. To all the 'pirates' out there who think themselves clever may your lower regions contract a rare, agonizing and incurable disease.

May the industry last forever and to all my fellow gameheads: "Game on!"