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Yannis Brown

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Contribution Rating:42 (tied for 2921st; 2 in last year)
Member SinceDec 18, 2002
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Location:United States United States flag
About myself:I am an Australian born composer and sound designer having worked in the game industry since 1999. My passion for game audio grew from early childhood playing with home video game systems (such as Texas Instruments, Apple, C64, Commodore Amiga) combined with a love for composing music.

I was fairly active in the Amiga demo scene - starting off as composer for a small Adelaide-based demo crew 'Frontier'. I took over management of a demoscene-based music composition competition called Groovy Compo first started by a friend. I worked hard to hone my skills in tracking mod-based music (MOD, .3M, XM, IT) to the point where I started getting work requests from game companies.

1999 saw my break into the industry as a composer for SouthPark Rally released on DreamCast, PC, PS1 and N64.

I hold a Degree in Computer Science and an Diploma of Audio Engineering from SAE (College of Audio Engineering).

My skills include sound design, implementation, technical design, composition.

I've been in-house audio lead for 3 companies since 2005.

My credits now span over 120 interactive titles on the following platforms:

Brew J2ME Symbian 60 NGage PocketPC Palm OS Tapwave Zodiac IPhone Web Flash-based Mattel Hyperscan Nintendo GBA, DS, Gamecube, Wii Sony PS1, PS2, PS3, PSN, PSP Microsoft Windows, XBox, XBLA

Some titles I've worked on:

Death Jr 2 - Root of Evil Wii Capcom Classic Collection Remixed Sega Genesis Collection Dr Awesome - Microsurgeon (iphone) Dropship (iphone) Topple and Topple 2 (iphone) Gauntlet DS Dragonball Z - Legacy of Goku II & Buu's fury. Pudge (iphone)

Yannis Brown (42) is also listed as a game developer.