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About myself:It all started with Pong. On a road trip with my family in 1976, I had my first exposure to the table top version of Pong at a hotel in Lincoln Nebraska at the tender age of ten, when I learned how to beg for quarters and spent hours with my sister and brother playing head to head till all hours of the morning. Later that year my father picked up the popular Sears color home version and my road to an obsession began. Being the youngest of three, while the others were well into their teens, my heaven was not about meeting girls or getting into trouble, but rather spending time at the arcade (The best was just down the street from my house), and playing with my hand held gaming systems, one of which was the Microvision console. I never got into another console but in 1983 after taking me to see WARGAMES, the following day my father and I picked up an Atari 800 computer with a tape drive, QIX and Music Composer. Within a year I had added a disk drive, a printer, a modem and was considering a new system, the Commodore Amiga. The power of computers always appealed to me for gaming, but my last great PC for gaming was acquired in 2004. Since then most of my entertainment dollar has gone towards consoles, primarily for their compatibility. Configuring PC games is my least favorite thing in the world, but a Cart or CD-Rom works like it should for the system they were designed for. Since those humble beginnings I've owned 21 CPU's some of them two or three times over, and now that I'm 47 years old I'm hoping to restore many of the older systems I've sold in the past, and develop an archival collection of my favorites systems. This is one of many reasons why I'm here at Moby Games.