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atari aquventure

Mr. Eight-Three-One

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About myself:You probably know me as the 90s gaming and computing fanatic who is a total archivist. As such, this is the perfect site for me.

To be more specific, I have loved computers since the beginning of my life. I first used one when I was only two years old in 1997 and have been into it ever since. In later years I started getting intrigued with hardware, and I started gaining an immense interest in the history of computing. This has subsequently led to a hobby in vintage computing, though I have yet to be making enough money to start a collection.

My favorite era of computing is the 90s, and I have a strong attachment to edutainment games of that decade. I do occasionally play modern games as well, but I am far more proud of my disc-based game collection than anything. At one point in my life I favored console games, but I have since lost track of that industry and now only focus on the computer side.

I am the kind of person who must archive and back up everything. I truly can't bear the thought that something will be lost forever. I actively scan covers and take screenshots to make sure gaming history will be preserved on this site.

Games I own that lack MobyGames articles (as of 1/5/2020):


I Spy School Days

Jumpstart Kindergarten

Jumpstart Kindergarten 1998

Jumpstart 1st Grade Reading

Jumpstart 2nd Grade Math

Tonka Garage

Candyland Adventure

Word Munchers Deluxe

Carmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick Challenge

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (1998)

My First Encyclopedia

Spider-Man Cartoon Maker

Barbie Pet Rescue

Pokemon Project Studio Red

Pokemon Project Studio Blue

Winnie the Pooh Activity Center

The Way Things Work 2.0

Trivial Pursuit


The Incredible Machine 3.0

Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth

Magic School Bus Explores the Age of Dinosaurs

Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest

Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System

The Great Word Adventure


Microsoft 3D Movie Maker

Sparky's Tangled Tales in Spellingsburg

[Game Boy Advance]

Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball 2006

Backyard Football

Backyard Football 2006

Backyard Skateboarding

Lego Knights' Kingdom

Rayman: The Hoodlums' Revenge

[Atari 2600]

Tele-games 9

Tele-games 10

Tele-games 14

Tele-games 17

Tele-games 24

[Atari 8-Bit]

Star Raider