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atari mania


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About myself:I've been playing PC games since my college years in the early '80's (that sort of dates me, doesn't it? ;) and I was a fan of coin-op arcade games long before that. I'm old enough to remember playing some of the earliest coin-op games such as "Pong", "Tank War" and "Biplane".

Most of the games that I've played on personal computers were on Intel-based machines but I also have fond memories of several Commodore 64 and even some Apple ][ games. I like most genres but my least favorites, if I had to pick, are stats-only sports games and war games. I'm a big flight sim buff. I collect games as much as play them and have titles going all the way back to the early '80's. I've actually finished maybe 2% of the games in my prodigious collection. If I never bought another game or PC again, I'd probably have enough to keep me playing well into my retirement.

Computers are a profession as well as a hobby. I'm a computer programmer by profession, but I don't write computer games (unfortunately). I did write a shareware "Battleship" program called "Sea Hunt", back in the early '80's - perhaps you've seen it?

When I'm not sitting in front of a computer (which is rare) I'm usually busy being a husband/father to my wife and daughter, respectively. Other than that, I enjoy collecting and watching movies (VHS and DVD), reading and building models/miniatures.

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