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About myself:Hi! I am Katie Cadet! I have a passion of collecting rare computer games found at the thrift store, as well as all Apple Inc. products such as the Macintosh, iPad, and the iPod Touch. Currently I have 500+ games in my collection so far!

I first fell in love with computers in 1999, starting with an AST Advantage running either Windows 3.11/95B OSR2(?). Before I was born, My mother started using a Macintosh Plus, and my father started using a Samsung 386 computer running Windows 3.0. They collected floppy disks of various Macintosh and Windows software from 1986 to 1997. They also collected CD-ROMs since 1996 and still purchasing this kind of media format at the thrift store as of 2016 to present.

I also fell in love with game consoles since 2002-2004, with the Nintendo Entertainment System and the original Sony Playstation. My brother has a Sony Playstation 2 but he doesn’t use it as much. I also have a Playstation 3 (Superslim) which I rarely use for Blu-ray disc movies and PS3 games, and I only have 2-4 games that I bought for my Playstation 3, mostly Hatsune Miku and Sonic the Hedgehog games.

After my grandfather’s passing of 2014, I started using MobyGames that October to document rare computer games, mostly Macintosh and Windows computer games of the early 90s up to the late 2000s. I am also part of an auto-approval program, which some of my contributions automatically approve when I click submit!

I am also a beta tester for the new game entry scraper, in which at the time of writing, supports Steam, Playstation and iTunes store entries that need attention on MobyGames. Although I am very fond that I am on the approver document for January 2017, that may change as time goes on.

Some of my favourite things that I like is the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, the Sailor Moon anime (inc. Crystal), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (as well as its Equestria Girls spinoff), StarFlyers, Full House (US TV Series from 1987-1995), and Pixar’s Finding Dory which I saw in theatres on November 2016. I also have like 500+ VHS Videocassettes as well as a mid-sized collection of Blu-ray Discs.

Please PM me if you have any comments about me or anything else that I submit! I do like feedback! All of my scans since December 2015 were created using a Canon CanoScan LiDE-220, and most of the Windows screenshots were done using an ASUS Transformer T100 running Windows 8.1/10 and an Acer Aspire 5552 running Windows 10.