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About myself:(Changed my icon in honor of my friend who's account was deactivated)

I'm a smart gamer who's open to just about anything (save for whatever Microsoft shits out (original Xbox excluded). I'm a major supporter of the PC and Sony and I like handhelds/consoles from the 5th, 6th and 7th generations of gamingI've always been interested in doing reviews for whatever games interest me, so upon finding this site, I figured, why not? I'm knowledgable on more obscure games and companies, so if you want some info on a company you don't know about, ask me and I'll most likely know about it.

You can find me on DeviantArt and you could contact me over on AIM and Yahoo! Messenger.

(speaking of messengers, why is MSN messenger still included as an option on here? Isn't it gone?)