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Video Games: Every Gamer Should Know About

Today’s most video games are loaded with action and there are many categories of video games are available in it. Some games are comes in two genres. A soccer game considered to be a sports game and simulation game also. A lot of categories available in gaming nowadays because gaming becomes very popular in today’s time. Gaming is popular not only in video games but it is also popular in computer and Smartphone also. All the categories are available in Smartphone same as computer. Different kind of computer games can be played on Smartphone. Video games are also available for playing online. Nowadays Gaming consoles are very popular because they are only made for playing games. So gaming experience is very enjoyable in Gaming Consoles.

Smartphone games are available on free and payment basis. Here are some genres of video games which are easily understandable to you:

Multiplayer Online gaming is played over LAN (Local Area Network). In this the gamers have to interact with other gamers on internet and then play in a virtual room. In this game gamers have to compete with gamers all over the world. A lot of people can play at a time on network. These games are created by several hours of programming. This type of gaming gives different kind of gaming experience.

In simulation games you have to learn how to control real world vehicles like ship, boat, cars, bikes etc. In this type of gaming you also learn how to control train. Many pilots learn about controlling plane by plane simulator before taking flight.

Adventure games involve fantasy and adventure. You have to complete missions to proceed in these games. These games start with back story of your character so that you can understand what your mission is and you have to learn how to complete your mission. In many adventure games, different kind of characters is available. So you have to choose among them. These games are very popular. Some other popular games also come in adventure genre. Popular games such as Vegas casino games are involved in it.

In Real Time Strategy Games you need to build up your team or armies so that you can play at same time because you have only one chance in these games. These games move at real time so players can pay only once without taking turns. So you can play together these games.

Puzzle gaming is for those who loves brain gaming because these games have many levels and many chances. There is no action in this game. These games are colored shapes with simple moves. Games have many types from beginner to expert. These games are involved in brain gaming.