Currently Have

  • Nintendo Switch -- Got it on Mehrio Odyssey's launch day, special edition with Red joycons
  • Android smartphone -- a piece of crap
  • Nintendo 3DS -- Played this thing so hard the circle pad broke
  • Nintendo 64 -- Classic, owned since childhood
  • Nintendo DSi -- Has a bunch of DSi shop games on there
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) -- Was originally my dad's. Play the shit out of Mega Man 2 and Contra.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance -- Very old, one of my first systems
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP -- Includes better backlight, Model 101
  • Nintendo Game Boy Color -- Childhood system. Seen better days.
  • Nintendo GameCube -- the first system I could call mine. I have all the 1st-party titles except for Pikmin 2 :(
  • Nintendo SNES -- Doesn't work :(
  • Nintendo Wii -- Bought it at launch
  • Nintendo Wii U -- Bought it just for Splatoon and Smash tbh
  • Sega Genesis -- My dad's console, we have over 100 games for it. Gotta look on the database and see what to add.
  • Sega Pico -- Found at a thrift store for 5 bucks.
  • Sony PlayStation -- Childhood console
  • Sony PlayStation 2 -- Childhood console
  • Sony PlayStation 3 -- Bought it to play Sonic Generations, sounds sad but it's true

Plan on Getting

  • Sega CD -- Have a huge Genesis library, have an odd urge to get it
  • Sega Dreamcast -- Have games for it, but no console oof

Used to Have

  • Microsoft Xbox -- Never got into it
  • Nintendo DS Lite -- Broke it oops