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atari mania


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About myself:Hey! I've been playing PC games since I was about eight, my first experience being on my humble old XT with it's dazzling black and orange hercules display. I've been hooked ever since, for me the ultimate gaming era was from about '90-95, when Sierra's monopoly was beginning to wane a bit and Origin hadn't yet sold it's soul to EA. We had creations like Ultima VII and Populous, we were absorbed into the simplicity and adictiveness of Warlords and saw our first glimpse of hell in Doom.

Then came the gaming slump, RPG's were reduced to mindless conflicts and treasure grabbing, NPC's became faceless drones, Ultima VIII saw the true end of a legacy,Doom began to repeat itself, everywhere, in different formats. The age of graphics and pathetic FMV's took over, gameplay and atmosphere was forgotten.

Finally technology and skilled programmers and the internet have allowed the balance between gameplay and visual delights to meet again and once more we have classics like Deus Ex, Morrowind, Medal of Honour and I am not so cynical anymore!

Oh yeah, about me, I'm a marketing coordinator, I have a bulldog, a beautiful girlfriend and I like fast food. Thanks for reading.